Weekend Update 02-12-12

This week another huge batch of games were released. I wish I could have a night with UFC Undisputed 3, but ultimately I don't feel like buying it is worth it and I don't want to rent it because I have so much more shit to play. The only game I bought this week was Warp, the first game in Microsoft's House Party promotion for XBLA, and wrote a review for it. It had it's moments, but was very frustrating towards the end.

I only played a few hours of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and my opinion of it hasn't change much because of that. I continued to play Resident Evil: Revelations during my breaks at work. I'm enjoying it more now that I got a shotgun and rifle with Jill. I found a frustrating moment, though. I'm in a boss fight that's kind of lengthy, especially when you're a wimp and move very slowly around the environment because this boss leaves and the reappears in the level. I got to what I felt was probably the end of the fight and bit it. I reloaded just before the fight, which is reasonable, and probably won't be that bad once I jump back in because I know where she'll come out from. It just demoralized me when it happened and I haven't picked it back up yet. I'm sure my motivation will come back around Tuesday (the next day I work).

I played the Mass Effect 3 demo, which was pointless because I already planned on purchasing Bioware's latest game. The single-player portion showed off how missions will feel more dynamic with the help of gaps to jump over and just making the terrain something of an obstacle. The demo didn't have what I really wanting which was talking to people for a stupid amount of hours. I understand that EA wants the game to look action-packed and exciting, but I want to ask Wrex an inane amount of questions. I didn't expect there to be a multiplayer component to the demo and that was exciting. Multiplayer is the one aspect of the game that was an unknown. It seems like a serviceable enough "Horde mode" that I can play when I don't feel like progressing the story. Plenty of upgrades to have and cooperative play with your bros is always fun. Unsurprisingly, I'm still excited about Mass Effect 3.

Also unsurprising is the fact that I played Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 just earlier today and had a hilarious moment happen that made me wish I had capture gear. I'm running my usual team of Frank West, Ryu, and Dormammu. I don't remember what my opponent had because he/she was just down to Phoenix. Phoenix was just spamming stuff while in X-Factor, so I got some distance and threw out Ryu's Shinku Hadoken and Phoenix blocked. That's fine because I was just hoping to take up some X-Factor time. When the hyper combo ends, I choose to DHC into Frank West's Survival Techniques Hyper Combo so that I could bring him in without any punishment. Between the two hyper combos, the Phoenix player decides to teleport right in front of my character and Frank came in right while she couldn't block and the hyper combos connect and ended up giving me the K.O. victory. I imagine the other player was very salty afterwards and I laughed because I really didn't expect that to happen.

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