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Why did I drive my Batcar into the river? 0

I'm a year late on this one, but despite its age I was very happy with Batman: Arkham Asylum.  The atmosphere of the game was great.  There were times that it felt a little too gritty.  Batman would say something or do something that feels completely wrong, but that's what Batman is all about.  He's been avoiding killing people for over 50 years . . . so there's no surprise when he avoids taking out a badguy.    For the most part, the story was a side note to the nostalgia.  I found myself playi...

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Maybe I'm not the right guy for this . . . 0

. . . but I feel like I'm missing out on part of the Chinatown Wars experience.  The game has been great so far.  I have really enjoyed the mechanics, art style, and mission types.   What I have been missing is the story.  I'm confident it is there.  After all, the text on all those screens has to say something, right?    The problem is the way that I play games on the DS.  I play these games on the bus going to work, or in bed before going to sleep.  In both of these cases I don't really have t...

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Just the right amount of Magic? 0

I played Magic a good bit when I was in college ten years ago.  I was at the level that I participated in local tournaments and maybe bought multiple boxes of a set so I could get 4 Rares to put in a deck.  I stopped playing as my life got more full, and now I play once in a blue moon.  I have to admit the thought of trying to get back into it is a daunting one because I don't want to spend the time accumulating all of the cards needed to play at the level I want to.So when I heard about Magic: ...

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