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A Virtually Perfect XBLA Experience 0

Gamers often complain that modern games do not innovate often enough. Platformers in particular are often cited as notoriously lacking in innovation and creativity. BraId thankfully does not continue this trend, but rather evolves the platforming genre in an artistically inspired manner (both literally and figuratively). Braid looks like a beautifully-realized platformer on its surface, but is truly a platforming/puzzle-solving adventure game at its core, with a moving, melancholy, and quietly s...

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Rock Out With Your Half-Demon C**k (Gun/Sword) Out! 0

First, Devil May Cry kicked your ass on PS2.Next, Devil May Cry 2 made you—not the damn devil—cry like a little girl, due largely to it's awesome suckage.Then, Devil May Cry 3 rose from the abyss and made you forget all about that insipid little shit that came before it. Sadly, it—like the original Devil May Cry—kicked your ass from here to next Thursday.Each game featured the same game style: a badass demon hunter named Dante—himself half demon, thanks to his human-loving devil father, Sparda—k...

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Run for cover; pop out; shoot quickly; hide; pop out and shoot... 0

Ah, Cliffy B, you saucy minx. Cliffy, or Clifford--whatever the hell you're calling your ass these days--you really know how to draw a gamer in, don't you? You promise me fantastic graphics (courtesy of the now-overused Unreal 3 engine) a smooth frame rate, expansive levels, and compelling action.What do you give me? Everything you promised...except that last little tidbit.Gears of War certainly looks stellar. Seriously, this game is beautiful. The devestated cities of planet Sera are gorgeous, ...

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