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I'm a inverted player (vertical of course), that's where it's at. Me and my girlfriend started playing together a couple of years ago, and she's all new to the console gaming scene, and guess what she did? Inverted vertical AND horizontal. The game, I lost it. That shit be hardcore.

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@pornstorestiffi said:
" @CptBedlam said:
" @Tennmuerti said:
" Please be good.Please be good.Please be good. "
It's Starbreeze. I expect nothing but greatness. "
Normally i wouldn't either, but i think they just bought license to Unreal Engine. Which makes me cringe and cry. "
Red Lime is not using UE3, it's for upcoming projects.
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Any guesses on the changes they made?

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Have patience, all will be well ;)

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This is from the mission journalists played (Or well, game informer, don't know if any other did).
Now think about the crazy awesomeness this will be in multiplayer. Infantry, tanks, boats, helis, jets... oh my... I need to change my pants.

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Much of my awesome stuff are locked up in storage at this time, so I don't have all my stuff here. However, this is bloody brilliant:

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For those who don't know. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You is the best dance song ever made.
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I've been wearing glasses since I was 4 years old. My vision has steadily been improving since then and not I don't really need glasses anymore... but I can't take them off. They're a part of me now :D

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@Gamer_152:  I agree that you need more than just a knowledge of games to be a good game designer, but the vast majority of game developers out there are thinking in the same ways a game designer does. Call it a work-related injury, the same way game journalists can have a problem with just enjoying the game rather than writing a review in their head while playing. The thing that puts a game designer aside from the rest of the team is just the incredible depth and research behind what makes mechanics work and games being fun. Everyone has it in their blood (they wouldnt work as game developers otherwise), but the game designer is once step above them. Same as the character modeler are one step ahead the animator in character modeling.
Might be a side note, but I was involved in a mod where the whole team (seven people) were incredible knowledgeable of game design despite being artists or programmers. When we had design meetings we all discussed game mechanics, and it turned out that it wasnt enough to actually discuss it. There we're too many great ideas out there, so it turned out that if you wanted people to listen to your idea, you had to make it yourself first and THEN show people it. If you could prototype your mechanic faster and better than anyone else, you won :) I wouldnt recommend such anarchy in game design but boy was it fun and you learned a ton of new stuff :) 
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@Driadon:  There's not really a right or a wrong way to get to a game designer job. I don't think you're wrong in what you're saying, but let's get a discussion going :) 
The way I see things is that everyone who make games on their spare time or professionally has a little game designer in them, even if you're a coder or an animator. You know what games you like, and you know what makes them enjoyable. You have input in the current project you're in on how to make things better. Everyone in the team has ideas and can argue why it should be implemented. If your goal is to work as a game designer, there's a couple of benefits (as I see it) if you take the code/art route as I mentioned earlier. Firstly, you get into the biz quicker (companies are looking for more artists than designers). Secondly, you get to know the "system", how it actually works in the real world (in other words, experience) and what is realisticly possible to develop in a certain timeframe. And lastly, knowing another discipline will benefit and influence you in your work as a game designer (which in turn will influence others). You need an edge. When you got a cool job, maybe as an artist, then you might want to nerd down on game design (formulas, structure etc). Who knows? They might put you in a design roll for the next project?
If we take a look In the mod community, there's a lot of people who act as the "Leader/Ideasman" which doesn't really add anything to the project. People want to work with you if you can contribute anything to the project, just design isnt good enough. If you're a good level designer AND an excellent game designer... whoo boy, then you're in business.
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Here are some experiences I've collected over the years of game development:
 * Don't aim to be a game designer from the start. I don't know of many companies that would hire a person with no professional experience what so ever in a field such as game design. Get either into art or coding and work your way up, gain experience. You need it. 

 * Only go to game dev school to get access to other people with the same interest. The courses won't give you much, but working with others will. Make as many games as you can! Working with people online is fine (if you can't go to school or cant find devs in your area), but nothing beats working with people IRL.
* Hmm, lost the third one :P