Oh man, I have actually posted stuff here!

WEIRD, I can't remember this at all. As for someone who rarely even remembers what I did last weekend this is nice, like something from another life.

Man stuff have happened in four years! This is like taking a trip in time.

Maybe I'll post something here in two years and see if I remember this :D

Good night, the night has turned into morning. So it is time to sleep. Then buy mosquito repellant!

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Gaming this week!

ALL my "Have to do's" are finished, the summer is finally here :D I can play whatever I want, whenever I want!
SC2 beta is over, that is what I've been playing.. so .. no more of that. Instead I jumped on the HoN train with some friends, it's pretty cool - if you play it with friends.
 AND I'll finally be able to play through Spirit tracks :)
Se you around the forums or something! Bye!


Realized that I'm a sucker!

Yep, Cause I wanna play Deadly Premonition, although "back sitting" it with friends, that's always awesome :D
Just played some AWESOME 2v2 games in SC2 and finished with my best game evvuuur! 
I like 2v2 more than 1v1.. and I really hope that they will make 3v3 and bigger games possible soon! Craziiness!
Not been playing much at all this week, studying and stuff.. and next week we're going on a field trip aall week.. so I guess I'll play Spirit Tracks then :P Maybe even finish it!
Hm.. maybe I'll take a nap and see if the ER BR 10 is up when I wake up :P


Guess I'll try

I guess this will mostly be like a .. what have I been playing this week thing. If not for you, then for me :) Starcraft 2 Beta, man, sunk too much time in to that. Although I'm getting better at it Forza 3, Yeah, still a great game! Perfect Dark (360) ... sunk tooooo much time on that one! will S rank it though :) Eventually! And probably some Robot Unicorn Attack in those lonely-zombie nights of mine. The nights are like a haze, I'm awake, but not really aware of what I'm doing :P Off to South Park!