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Dota 2 has so much depth in its mechanics, character interaction, but is insanely demanding of its players. 0

If you haven't started to play a MOBA game or A-RTS, do yourself a favour and never start to play one. These games are entirely too complex, and sport a in-game social scene that is straight up way more toxic than anything you think you would encounter in the early days of online PC gaming with Quake, or Xbox-live playing CoD and the like. You would think that it's mainly a behavioural issue that happens with elite players that have managed to tame the beast that is game; situational awareness, ...

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Co-op Only! Sam Fisher Need Not Apply. 0

Since I have not played and do not intend to play through the single player campaign, this review is only for the co-op mode for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction.   Story          There is no Sam Fisher in co-op, instead you play as Archer, an agent of the Third Echelon, and Kestrel of the Russian counterpart of Third Echelon known as Voron. You must help each other through the thick and the thin and covertly complete your mission objectives. The idea intreged me enough to want to play th...

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