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NieR : Automata may have a top 5 soundtrack

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Best Games Played First Half of 2014

These are my favorite games I have played so far this year. They do not need to be released in this year, just that I've played them in this year.

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  • I did not get to play the PS3 version when the came out, but I must say immediately when I turned this game on...just wow. So atmospheric and incredible looking. Game play feels like it has many reused elements but still absolutely incredible.

  • FINALLY! A game that breathes life into the "Metroidvania" genre. This game is fun and fast. Only downside is it's short. I hope this allows more games of it's type to come out

  • The best Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy X...without having Final Fantasy in the name. Square Enix's main team should take note from this...MAKE FINAL FANTASY LIKE THIS.

  • Fast, polished and heavy support from Nintendo for DLC make this game the best kart racer of all time. This game is at it's peak with multiplayer.

  • Constantly being updated and supported. Incredible game world but around level 30 , quests/levels/dungeons become a grind. Best MMORPG in a long while.