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NieR : Automata may have a top 5 soundtrack

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Best Games Played in 2015

This is a list of the best games I've played in 2015. They do not necessarily need to be released in 2015, but I played them this year and they just stuck out. This list will be in constant flux till next year, this currently has been my favorite games I've played thus far this year. I still do have some in the backlog I am planning on playing.

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  • I heard great things about this game when it was released, but man...this game is just phenomenal. Everything about it heads in the right direction. It has the art style, the music, the world and the combat system. The best way to describe the world is imagine a darker version of Tron. The only issue I have with this game is there is not enough of it.I ended up getting this for free due to PS+ and honestly I will end up buying it on PC as well because the developers at Supergiant Games deserve the money. Every so often there is a game released that just makes you feel like a kid again. This is that game.

  • I still keep playing this damn game. I had a "re invigoration" about it this year and grinded my way to almost Level 32. The shooting mechanics are still the best of any shooter to date. I am hoping...HOPING Bungie delivers with House of Wolves..I'm not really too optimistic though. WHY THE HELL DO I KEEP COMING BACK TO THIS GAME?!?!?!

  • I recently re-uped my subscription to this game and started playing it again to check out the new classes. It's still a great MMO the only issue I have is it's still a grind, I wish they had a lifetime subscription I would 100% buy it. If any GB members are on Siren PM me for my user name.

  • Still trying to finish this game. I only tend to play during my commute to and from work. Still a solid "Final Fantasy" game (Square Enix...take Final Fantasy XVI and return it to it's roots with this...). I am about 50% through and apparently at the part which turns a lot of people away..I hope not.

  • With this recently released on the eShop I picked it up for $10..seems like the biggest no-brainier ever in gaming. It's really incredible how well the level design has held up. Metroid Prime is still probably the best 1st person action game made. It's funny to think that many many companies still cannot get 1st person platforming correct....just pivot the camera. It's a true testament to Retro Studios that after 12.5 years (yikes that long ago?) that it completely holds up. I wish there was a full HD remaster of these. My only complaint is that it should of supported both gamecube controller and wiimote.

  • Innovation

  • 3DS Version