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NieR : Automata may have a top 5 soundtrack

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Best Games Second Half of 2014

Same as before These are my favorite games I have played so far the second half of this year. They do not need to be released in this year, just that I've played them in this year.

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  • Probably the biggest surprise of the year. This game plays well, looks gorgeous and is incredibly fun in LOTR lore. Combat from Arkham games and open world exploration, it works really well. The AI Mechanics for the Nemesis system are probably one of the first "next gen" mechanics we've seen this generation.

  • Granted mission design is not very varied, it still hooked me for nearly 60 hours and I plan on playing both expansions. Shooting mechanics are top notch. This is probably one of the best games in a long while to play with friends. The competitive multiplayer left some to desire though.

  • I never played this Generation of Pokemon games (or Gen IV) so this game has been a nice breath of fresh air. Last years Pokemon X/Y were so impressive to me I couldn't wait for this game. It's absolutely incredible that the same basic mechanics that were brought about 15+ years ago are still relevant today. Nintendo while maybe risky, needs to do something to shake this up in the next generation. 3D graphics aren't going to cut it next time around.

  • Sequel to probably one of the best addicting games, this game brings about a ABSURDLY large soundtrack from probably one of the best series (from a music perspective) out there.

  • Plain and simple : if you love the show, play this game. It plays like episodes of the show. The RPG mechanics are basic, but the laughter is endless. Just when you think it's gone too goes about 50 steps further.