Have any of you ever been so drunk as I am at the moment to create a blog/thread such as this? I know this is short, but bear with me. We've all been there-WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much to drink, on the point of a black out soon, and already doing stupid stuff as it is... this is the result of my night ending at its high point. There's probably been something like this mentioned or done before, but at the moment I'm too drunk to search for it.


Mojave Wasteland adventures (part 2)

Jumping back, I have to recap:

-I'm a handsome black man in-game w/ purple hair

-Everyone around me's a racist

-I need to shoot/blow shit up

Rough Neckin'

After basically gettin' a "Hell no" from Easy Pete on the explosives and a few things from Doc Mitchell and Chet on the cheap, I decided to walk around out in the desert for a bit. Shit... I thought the old man would've wanted to help a brother in need. The damned old fool doesn't think I know enough about EXPLOSIVES? WELL... I'll show him. Whilst walking around in the dark, I came across a pack of Gecko and opened up on them, seeing as they were attacking me head-on. During this battle, I found my Varmint Rifle to be degrading a bit on me. Oh well- thing was a piece of shit to begin with. After taking those green bastards down, I walked up a hill for a bit and discovered a place called Wolf Radio. It was abandoned when I came across it, littered with bent beer cans, scrap electronics, and caps. Creepy as hell, too.


Continuing along a cliff wall, I noticed what looked like a town in the distance. As I approached the limits of the area, I was almost knocked on my ass by some dumbass white NCR trooper. He told me that the town was off limits. I asked where I could go to ask someone about what was going on. He pointed me to some LT Hayes in a tent up the highway. As I entered, I found him just FEELING up a gal in there who wished for a Nuclear Winter. Why ANYONE wishes for that is still beyond me. Anyways, I got to talking with this LT. Apparently, this mission was botched by bad intel- some prisoners from a correctional facility had gotten loose and were causing havoc in the area. The NCR thought they'd be no big deal. Too bad they were better equipped than they were. Sounds like something I did in my youth. Anyways, turns out these "prisoners" are actually a splinter group of those damned Powder Gangers I was asked to deal with in Goodwill Springs! However, these guys are just as ill-supplied as the NCR here, so MAYBE dealing with them shouldn't be a problem.

Short, but sweet this week. I'll have more later on.

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Mojave Wasteland adventures (part 1)

Starting today and going on for any number of Mondays (until completion), I'll be telling y'all of my grand adventures through the (ultimate) wasteland of the Mojave desert in Fallout: New Vegas as told only in the way a patient wayfarer would. Please note this is only a semi-serious initial play-through, so please be calm and realize the elements of humor present in here as you come across them. Enjoy!

The Doc's Place

Waking up after from being left for dead, I discover a whole bunch of crap in my sack that wasn't there when I started that job. A sturdy over-under shotgun, a wathered-looking sidearm, and a grenade launcher, amongst other things lie with my usual medical supplies and trusty canteen. Upon gaining some form of consiousness I look over at the man who was caring for me. He adressed himself as Doc Mitchell and asked me my name. I answered with my name- simply Gabe Monroe. I wanted to slap the living shit out of him for deriding my parents' choice of name, but that'd be contrary to my current situation. He had to go muddling around in my head for a bit to get all the lead out of he, so he handed me a mirror so I could examine myself to make sure nothing was out of place. Sure enough, everything was in place- my beautiful black skin, my dazzling green eyes, my purple Sarge haircut and survivalist beard, everything about my manhood was in order. All the doc could say was that "everything that mattered was in order". I REALLY wanted to slap the shit out of him. After helping me up, he took over to some "vigor-matic" thing and had me test my skillset real quick. Turns out I perform real well after being shot in the head, but something in the back of my mind... you get the point. He then sat me down for a quick psychiatric evaluation and found that I'm plenty good with guns, technological stuff and speaking. Pretty accurate, I'd say- first time all day I didn't want to slap the hell out of him. Before we were done, he wanted to get a quick medical history from me so he wouldn't assume I had a family history of being shot in the head. Racist bastard. In exchange for that, I thanked him for healing me up... and took him for his guns, ammo, medical supplies and other assorterd sundries.

Back On My Feet

Afterwards, I strolled on out of the place and headed out into the bright midday sun and wandered around for a bit. I wandered into a nearby schoolhouse to see what they were teaching the kids these days out here... turns out it isn't much, since the place was abandoned, save for the little green bastard bugs wandering around in there. Wandering around a little bit more, I come across the 'bot that saved my hide. Don't know why he's called Victor, don't care. All I know is this- he/it saved my hide and got Doc Mitchell to heal me up good. After walking into the bar and (nearly) getting mauled by a husky (why does that ALWAYS happen to me?), I get greeted kindly by Sunny Smiles. She's fine... for a white girl, I'll admit she's DAMN fine. She took me out back and gave me a shit rifle to play around with for a bit. She showed me around a bit and gave me a few caps for taking care of some geckos for her. Hell, she even taught me out to make some healing powder from a couple of simple plants found out here in the wasteland! We headed back into town towards the bar.

Shit Heats Up A Bit

Walking into the bar, I see a man arguing with a woman in front of the drinking portion of the bar. Turns out the woman is Trudy (the owner of this fine establishment), and the man was a scumbag "Powder Ganger" by the name of Joe Cobb. Turns out he's after a man by the name of Ringo. After speaking with Ringo (who is in hiding), I've managed to enlist Sunny and Trudy to help him and myself against the powder gangers. Just need to get an old codger by the name of Easy Pete and the General Store owner named Chet. Things are starting to get a bit more interesting now.

Well, that's it for today. I'll have more when I continue this fine adventure later on. Thanks for reading!


So, here we are again shooter fans

Before someone goes off and says this is in the wrong place, let me say this- maybe, but it covers more than one title.

A couple of weeks ago, I got Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 the Thursday after it came out from a nearby GameStop utilizing hard earned wages from my place of employment. I came home, popped it in, and enjoyed spaying people with my PP (they didn't have the PP90M1 link- DEAL WITH IT) all evening long. And you know what? I'm still enjoying it. Sure, the campaign's a little short, the graphics are the same as they were two years ago (if not a little improved), and multiplayer and Spec Ops mode are only slightly better than before. But is that any reason to complain? Not really, no. Why do I say this? Well... sometimes, sticking to the guns that make something popular is a good thing. Does that mean that it will continue to stay like this? No, but change is inevitable. Which is why I'm not purchasing Battlefield 3 quite yet. Sure, the game looks pretty, but at what cost? A rushed launch date to attempt to beat Activision to the punch? A middling campaign that wasn't fully realized? Promised items that didn't ship on-disc as promised? A buggy-as-hell Anti-Cheating/Piracy system that's redundant thanks to Microsoft, Sony AND ValvE? Electronic Arts, I have this to say to you- if you're going to promise something to your faithful customers, stick to it. Don't screw them over like a back alley hooker hopped up on drugs.


Some trailers every now and again

I hopped onto Machinima's YouTube channel to see if they had anything interesting up as of late. One thing caught my eye that seemed semi-moving in a way. 

  Normally, I wouldn't harp or even do anything remotely fanboyish with something that's a 360 exclusive. However, with what they did with this trailer, with the battle raging on in normal time with the city immediately around them the same and far away crumbling throughout the ages to come... that was a nice touch on the part for the guys who made the trailer. This makes me want to actually want to get a 360 and try this title out... maybe. However, it just doesn't capture my attention quite like this classic does. 
  What I ask of you now is this- throw your fav trailers of all time (games/movies/TV/anime/whatever) and list WHY it is that it captures your mind in one way or another.

Famous People

So while I was at work today (a Sam's Club in Des Plaines, IL), I had the opportunity to meet a man by the name of Andrew Cashner. I didn't fully understand who he was until one of the door greeters told me he was a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. That was only after talking to him like I would any other person in a suit- calm, collected, and semi-business like. After I found out, I just spoke to him like I was before- like any other regular Joe. Now was that very cordial of me? Not really... but I betcha he would've preferred I just spoke to him as a person rather than as a fan pining for an autograph. Now my question is this: 
If you were to meet with somebody famous, be it someone in the town you live in or somebody big from Entertainment/Politics/Etc, how would YOU react to realizing who they were?


Yeah... raising hell again

So I decided to post some unpopular opinions in a thread on the Vice entitled "Unpopular opinions". Guess what? I got modded for it. Know what I did? Called bullshit on the mod that modded me for several reasons- 
1) He listened to a 16 year-old school girl over a 22 year-old US Navy veteran 
2) He deleted the supposedly offensive remarks 
3) He tried to tell me off for something I said in a thread that's SUPPOSED to be about remarks/opinions that're unpopular to begin with 
Opinions, people?



Well, this is all to complete the quest set anyways, so why even bother? Just to show that I want to go that semi-extra mile for it.