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While not much of a forum goer, I am very happy to share my gaming knowledge with others. What better way than through a wiki, yes? So I've decided to become a contributor here. I may not be super flashy or ultra-eccentric or anything like that, but I hope to share my knowledge with you in a clear, concise, well-written, and above all informative way that enriches us all as a result. In short, I'm a behind-the-scenes gamer, a lover of old RPGs and grand adventure games. My knowledge will reflect that.

I have a current goal of getting to 1,000 points so that I can quit bugging the moderators with my silly little updates all the time and let them deal with the really important stuff, like my creating new character, concept, location, or object pages.

My other first goal is to totally redesign and re-edit the Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga wiki. I plan on extensive edits to this once I hit the 1,000 point milestone after submitting random trivia questions and page changes. I plan on having that page be an almost complete database of everything one might need when playing through that obscure, dark RPG.