2011: The Bestest of the Bestacular


List items

  • Skyrim is a fantastically well-realised world, with an inexhaustible wealth of adventure: over every hill-top, by every fjord and brook, something new and exciting awaits. Truly, an UNRELENTING FORCE of a game.

  • Somehow, it happened: a ravishing cyberpunk-revival of one of the most revered PC-classics of all time.

  • Thriumphant.

  • Now here's a unassuming gem of a game that set the world ablaze. Left its lesson to the rabble: it don't matter where you come from; it's all in the heart, kid.

  • On the surface, a formulaic Zelda-experience; but the great motion-controls and varied gameplay sets it apart from the rest. A creative and pretty swan song for the Wii.

  • A deliciously enchanting and artful fairytale. Dat Finnish charm!

  • Surprise of the year: from the ashes of the Driver franchise rises this inventive, feel-good, witty and surreal out-of-body buddy-cop drive 'em up pheonix.

  • Crack! Biff! Pow! I AM THE NIGHT.

  • I felt like the original Dead Space was a better sequel to Resident Evil 4 than Resident Evil 5 was, yeah? The blend of a thick Event Horizon atmosphere and stellar sound design, stunning visuals and greasy, gory combat made for a intense experience.

    The same is definitively true for Dead Space 2, a expectionally gnarly game where enemies are torn asunder by satisfying "improvised" weaponry and stomped and stomped and stomped and stomped and GOD DAMMIT DIE MOTHERF--!!

    When the credits rolled I felt fatigued -- but in a good way, like me and Isaac had been on a goddamn journey together.

  • A game that is impressive, fun, visually stunning, but also disappointing. I was not really expecting anything other than "more Uncharted", (and I was down with that) but it turns out I would have liked something... different.

    Adhering to a formula and reusing so many tricks from the previous games starts to wear a little thin here (as well as its staunchly cinematic, linear nature).

    Also: being a follow-up to one of the most surprising sequels ever sets expectations that probably can't be met.

    Deffo a game that would have benefited creatively from a longer gestation period. But to be clear: I whine because I care. At its core it is still a grrreat and enjoyable game, with refinements and unique, crazy scenarios, nice quiet moments, and the same surprisingly kick-ass multiplayer that was introduced in the previous game. (Co-op with friends is intense and fun as heck!)

  • Minecraft meets Metroidvania in this awesome sidescrolling survival 'n builder that appeared out of nowhere. Addictive.

  • Another Honorable Mention: a complex and deep game of pure tactics and strategy that I can actually comprehend and manage to play. Easy to learn for dummos (me) but competent tacticians always have the upper hand (not me). A awesome story-driven cyberpunk singleplayer campaign lets you have tons of fun with the game even if you don't dare tread near the hallowed multiplayer ground. A pleasing and cohesive aesthetic ties everything together. Also: sweet soundtrack!