And so it begins...

My wife and I are both students working on trying to break through on the indie scene. We're big believers in doing things the hard way, so we saved up for colledge before taking the plunge. Because of that, we're on our last year of school but past our mid 20s. This can be a bit disheartening but instead of dwelling on it we've begun working on our first game. We're about a month in and still in the pre alpha stage.

Our game is called Elizabeth; what if you're not the chosen one? It plays around with the whole idea that every rpg is basically the same story. Your a chosen one who has to go out, have some grand adventure and then save the day. You may lose a party member here or there, but it all turns out for the best In Elizabeth, the chosen one is no longer in the picture. Instead you must make due with what's avaiable. The biggest trouble we've run into is finding artists that have expereince working with isometric 2d sprites. Seems that new fangled polygon thing has everyone working in maya, who would have guessed?

The wife and I spent the days before E3 working on a little trailer, it should give anyone reading this a better idea of what the game will be like.