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Sorting out my thoughts.

So this is the final week before Spring Break. I am greatly looking forward to it. However I have lots to do before Friday arrives.

I need to find a date. And it needs to be soon. On Thursday my school is having a Super Hero Skate Night. Dress up as your favorites superhero and skate. I need to find a cape for that. Perhaps Target has one. I also want to blaze beforehand. Hopefully that will all work out.

I would also like to watch Muse's HAARP dvd with my friend. I guess that'll have to be on Wednesday.

My friends want to go see Watchmen this week too. They'll probably pick Thursday so I may not be able to go. There's too much to do.

You have to try to do as much as you can in the time you have, because before you know it, you're not there anymore.
-paraphrased from Scrooge.

I also have a large project which is quite larger than I expected. I shouldn't have waited this long to complete it, but I have been busy so I guess it's understandable.

Spring Break to do list

  1. Hug my family
  2. Play piano, make videos
  3. Go running with my dad.


People need to take the consequences of their actions.

I'm sick of people making excuses. If you miss class, be prepared to take the consequences of not showing up. Don't bitch when you missed the take-home test. Be glad the professor lets you take the test in class anyway. You missed an assignment. He doesn't have to let you take it at all. You should know better. Adult students. Bah!


Why is life so awesome?

Tell me that.

Even though I have 4 massive college projects bearing down on me and a whole host of other problems to deal with, I can't help but be overwhelmed by how awesome and special this life is.

Must be a chemical imbalance.


Equal Part Thought and Action

I've always thought myself to be a calculating individual. I don't blindly rush into anything and always try think things through. But I don't just think only. I like to believe that after contemplating something for a while I take action after concluding it is the best possible choice. For the most dire circumstances I also bring prayer into the mix, something I should do more often. And when I do act I act decisively and pour all my effort into my actions as I have deemed them to be worthwhile.

I have always been like this until recently.

There is a very strange situation between a girl and myself and I am somewhat confused about what to do.  I will spare you the details save for the fact that I have been pondering a course of action for too long. And maybe no course of action is the course of action I need. But I need to make a decision.

I will pray and contemplate and hopefully by this time next week I will have made the right decision and more importantly followed through with it.


Are you happy?

Are you content with your current situation and/or direction of your life?

I ask this because this girl I recently met does not appear to be happy. She seems genuinely depressed which is too bad because she just met me and she's really nice and cute.

As for myself, I am pretty happy. I've been depressed before and know it's not fun. But right now I'm going to college, I have great friends, I smoke weed and get drunk occasionally, and I just met this really cute girl. The only problem is that I don't get enough sleep. But other than that I am content.

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