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Every Game I've Owned

It's as it sounds, this is a list of a 94 child's gaming life. I was mainly a Nintendo/Sony kid. Keep in mind that this isn't going to be entirely chronological. What do you want from me, I don't have a photographic memory. Let's do it.

List items

  • As far as I remember, this was my first game. We're talking Blue here.

  • I had the little tiny console controller thing that you used to play the game, and I even still have it! I played a couple rounds here and there. Definitive gaming right here.

  • My first Mario experience, and it was on the Game Boy. I can't even remember how old I was when I played this, but I would guess about 6 or 7.

  • It's like Mario... but without dying. What?!

    It was pretty damn cool, I loved loved LOVED shoulder charging into enemies and getting coins.

  • Oh, Rare. I supported the sales of this game back in the day. No regrets.

  • I don't remember a lot about this game. Maybe I was afraid of it when I was a wee child. Maybe I was just bad at it. All I remember was lightning strikes were prominent. I guess I was afraid of it?

  • It's a shame I wasn't around when the commercials for this game aired on TV. I see them now on Youtube and think: "Well... damn."

    I have vague memories of this game. It was something else.

  • Upgrade to the Nintendo 64, and one of the most successful and influential video games of all time! It was pretty rad when you jumped inside paintings because of the ripple effect it had on the painting. It was like WATER!

  • Pokemon for N64?! WUUUUUUUUT

    It was pretty cool, man. 3D Pokemon fighting on my TV screen was really damn awesome. It was a unique experience back in the day.

  • I'm fairly certain I played this until I was stopped by the Elephant with the Sign. I found no way to progress and stopped playing.

  • This game played pretty well, but my lord did the controller suck. The N64 controller was not designed for humans to play. It was designed for liquid lifeforms to ooze their appendages around the weird third middle prong that was the bane of humanity. I played Yoshi. Yoshi 4 life.

  • My first Mario Party! Yoshi 4 life.

    My favorite minigame is Hexagon Panic or whatever it was called.

  • The second Mario Party, and my favorite Mario Party. More characters, more levels, more variety! It was pretty sick.

  • Gameboy Color!? No more Black and tinged Yellow?! Awesome!

    Alright, generation 2 of Pokemon! We're talking Gold here. Tyranitar, why are you so godlike? Goldlike. Whatever.

  • Also, Playstation! I never got too far into this game, but I do remember beating the first level many times. I think this game never saved after the first level? There was also this dark level that seemed to eff you up wherever you went in it. Some people love it, I wasn't a big fan.

  • This probably had the most atmospheric of overworlds in all the games I played back in the day. I also loved the fact that to play a game, your first person perspective character had to walk up to an arcade machine. It was pretty cool.

  • Fuck, this game is hard. It was then, and it is now. Band Land with it's icy platforming and those asshole bugs that dodged your punches... It's still one of the most important platforming games of all time. I never did beat this game.

  • I do remember that I was terribad at this game. Probably because the controls for this game was real weird. The D-Pad controlled what direction you faced while the right stick made you move forward. It felt weird. Why can't my right hand press buttons, huh?!

  • I think the best part about this game was the fact that each monkey had their own individual name and info. I'd always tell my brother to check each monkey's name and info.

  • My first experience with Mega Man. I really liked it, but as with most Mega Man games, it is damn hard. Duo is a motherfucker.


    Well, Spyro. You've come along way. Skylanders has saved your bacon from utter bankruptcy, but at least your first 3 games were pretty good.

  • More gems and stuff to collect? Alright, I'm on board.

  • More characters now?! Dude, this series just got way better! Boxing as a Yeti was suh-weeeet.

  • I didn't ever own the first one as a child. That is good though, because I would have never beaten it. This game was pretty cool though, and it introduced me to the Crash Bandicoot series.

  • Crash Bandicoot WARRRRRPED!!

    Now we're talking! This is the stuff I crave for. This is one of my favorite games of all time. Motorcycles, pissed stegosauruses, the Great Wall of China, a distant corrupt neon Future... It is all there, and it is awesome.

  • Computer games?!

    This had a lot of blood in it, but it was so poorly graphic'd (if that was a word) that it had no effect on me as a young child.

    CARRIER HAS ARRIVED. MY LIFE FOR HIRE. Or was it AUIR? I don't even...

  • The more I looked at Kerrigan's face on the cover, the more it scared me as a kid.

    Pretty awesome expansion, though.

  • No entry on The Frozen Throne? Oh well.

    I got this and The Frozen Throne. Both games were excellent. The in game cutscenes always made me laugh when the lipsync didn't anywhere near match what the characters were saying. But, this is still in the early years of gaming.

  • Oh dude. Oh DUDE. Easily another one of my favorite games of all time.

    It's so awesome. I make my own theme park, make the rides, customize the colors of the rides, make my own MASCOTS. Oh man, it's the BEST. Thank you, Chris Sawyer, whoever you are.

  • An expansion?! More customization?! More rides?! YOU ARE ALLOTTED MORE OF MY MONEY.


  • It was more of the same, but the same was fucking awesome. Hasbro Interactive, if you don't stop making games, I'm going to run out of money to buy your games.

  • That dude is looking pretty tan. He needs some SPF 200 pronto.

    An awesome game that introduced me to loot based RPGs. My first character was at a Necromancer, my second character was...

  • a Druid! And damn if I didn't put 20 points into Rabies as a werewolf. It was hilarious, but maybe not very applicable.

  • The best Final Fantasy game right here, if you can get past the super fucking lame card game that made no sense. Zidane, Steiner, Vivi, Dagger... All the best characters in this game.

  • Time for some Game Boy Advance!

    I never beat this game, it was hard as hell, but damn if it wasn't fun.

    Dorcas, why are you so cool? You're like all the dumb emotionless Final Fantasy characters, but you got a giant axe. That end part is probably why.

  • Oh man, I got all the power ups, all the lives. All those monsters were history.

  • And with the transition to the next Game Boy console, there was the transition to the next Pokemon Game. As I had gotten Blue before, I got Sapphire this time.

    Fun fact, if it weren't for this game, I wouldn't know how to spell Sapphire. That's two P's and an H.

  • Wario Land 2? What happened to you? When did you get so awesome looking?

    Take it, you giant cat bat thing!

  • My favorite Kirby game.

    Man, when you found all the secrets and when you're able to play as Meta Knight throughout the whole game!? DUUUUUUUDE.

  • Let's say at this point and time, I'm about... 13? That sounds about right.

    Enter me playing Vanilla Wow, one of the greatest points in video games for me. Yes it's a time wasting MMO, but it was great.

  • Though, I did not venture into Outland. I PvP'd as a 29 Tauren Hunter in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin at this point. War Stomp might be a tad overpowered. What are you gonna do, Human? Nothing? Yeah, that's damn right.

  • I've always been a fan of crossovers, but most of the time, they're done really badly. This on the other hand, was done badly, but it wasn't THAT bad. It was an alright game. You're asking me to play a crossover game where I get to pick to play as either Crash or Spyro? Crash fucking Bandicoot, man. No contest.

  • Jump to PS2! I saw an arcade stand of MvC1 in my childhood and thought that everything involved was the most awesome thing ever. And then I got a CD Copy of this for Christmas. I'm STILL stoked I have it, even if I'm not good at it.

  • I had a copy of this game, and it was fucked. Fucked in the sense in that it was glitched to oblivion. It's a shame too, I've never beaten this game.

  • Here we go. Revolutionary in practice and in video game history. It is amongst my favorite Ratchet and Clank games. Also, this game made grinding fun. All of those crystals were MINE.

  • The best Ratchet and Clank game in the entire series, and one of my favorite games of all time. If only I didn't have my copy in a PS2 that became refurbished. Now it's gone forever until I buy another copy. It'd be worth it for a game this good.

  • It's not quite Ratchet and Clank, but it's still pretty cool. The Scorpion Flail might be my favorite weapon in the series. Either that or the Bouncer from 2 and also 3.

  • It's something new, something different. It was a new title for PS2, and it played pretty well. I hadn't played a whole lot of 3-D Platforming before. It's strange how cutesy it was...



    At least the guns and cars were cool... I guess.

  • An interesting debut game for the entire series. It played alright, but man that last boss was... ugh. It was tough. It wasn't a bad boss fight, it was just plain hard given the game mechanics.

  • Alright! Another one of my favorite games of all time. I still play it every now and then. The controls, the writing, the bosses, the upgrades, the atmosphere... all FANTASTIC. It's weird, I tend to get the second game of a series first. And then oddly enough, the second game tends to be better than the first.

  • Bentley, you keep on truckin', man.

    It was pretty good, not quite as good as 2, but it was close.

    Where the hell did the Fourth game even go? I got a PS3 and everything. Come on, Sanbaru Games or whatever your name is.

  • I watched my brother play some. Nice graphics, but it wasn't anywhere near as charming as 9. I still find it hilarious how much Gabe of Penny Arcade hates Tidus.

    I probably still sort of like that character because the same voice actor plays Ratchet.

  • I got it for both PS2 and Gamecube. It wasn't as magical for PS2 as it was for Gamecube. Probably because Gamecube had Link and PS2 had Heihachi. Both characters are cool, but who is a Hero of Time? Also, Necrid and Astaroth are awesome.


  • PS2 only. I looked at a trailer for this on the internet before it came out, and thought nothing of it until the character creation mode came up.

    Day 1 buy. It was a pretty cool game. Astaroth came back, and so did ROCK.


  • I saw the Ninja Slapping game at Toys R Us, and I had to have it. It's kind of a piece of shit, but it helped define motion capture games.

  • Speaking of Gamecube, this was the first game I got for it. Even today, I think the graphics are comparable to that of most Wii games. It looked incredible.

  • My hype for this game was uncontainable. Falco? I don't know who he is but he looks awesome! Yoshi's back!? HOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Once again, I sticked with Yoshi. He was one of the best characters in the game, apparently. I found this out later and I was like "yeah, no shit".

  • Oh good lord. This mess of a game somehow managed to entertain me as a kid. Though I will say that the Chao Garden was as good as a time waster as WoW was at one point.

    I beat this game about 5 years after I got it. Was it worth it? Ehhhhh...

    Fuck that Biolizard, man. That guy's a dick.

  • Speaking of timesinks... Oh my goodness.

    Why can't I decide how I want my house to look? Why can't I pay off Tom Nook's ever increasing debts!? WHY DO I LOVE IT SO MUCH?!

  • It was in the style of Rayman 2, which was a game I had played a couple times at cousins houses, but never got anywhere near to beating. Playing as a robotic pirate henchman was pretty awesome. TOO BAD THE FUCKING MEMORY CARD DATA DELETED ITSELF EVERY DAY. UGH.

  • Game Informer described this as "Mario with claws". I don't think that does this game justice. It was pretty damn big. The levels were HUGE, and comboing enemies over and over felt awesome. Just don't look when you fall off the level!! OH GODDDD!

  • Action RTS games for kids? Innovation is what that is.

    Seeing those Pikmin turn to ghosts when they died was heartbreaking as a child.

  • Generation 2 Pokemon in my Sapphire?

    I bought this for the Teddiursa, I stayed for the battle tower.

  • Buyer's Remorse: The Game.

    This is the worst thing I've ever bought. The cover should have tipped me off.

  • Gamecube. I got the stick, and then didn't know where the fuck to go.

    It seemed alright.

  • Gamecube. This game is HARD. I regret not being able to get the first game.

    Currently, I'm stuck on the jet with giant robot legs. Its kicks HURT.

  • Gamecube. Newgrounds's answer to Metal Slug. It was fantasic. That last boss was something else.

  • A bad game. It's like Stadium but bad.

  • Another bad game. The only defining factor was that I REALLY wanted this game. Too bad it was BAAAD. Also my favorite team was the very hard story mode team. Vector is awesome, haters will hate.

  • One of my favorite Gamecube games. Though, it is really slow. You need to play it with people who like everything about it going in.

    I've never beaten it. It is a huge game. It IS Final Fantasy.

  • Ohhhhh yeah. One of my favorite Gamecube games. Though, if I played it again today, I would be way too rusty to play.

    Yoshi/Diddy for life.

  • And then I got a Wii.

    I spent a couple of hours boxing, playing tennis, playing baseball, bowling.

    But uh, golf isn't so great.

  • Minigames? Alright, let's do it.

    The ending is terrible, and you don't get anything from 100%ing the game.

  • More minigames? Alright...

    It wasn't as good as the first. I stopped after this one. I've had enough, Ubisoft!

  • The only game to get for Wii, and my favorite Smash Bros game.

    If you're tripping, you're going too fast. Shut the fuck up about it.

  • INNOVATIVE CONTROLS. Except they suck.

    At least the game itself was really good. I never got around to beating it.

  • Wii. I feel like the only way to play this is probably PC.

    It is funny, but it is also a Telltale game, meaning baaad laaaag.

  • The second reason to buy a Wii. It's perfect for Wii.

    Also, IT IS HARRRRD. I never thought I'd ever lose to Glass Joe in my life.

    I was wrong.

  • Wario on a Motorcycle? Awesome!

    That Wii driving wheel is the worst device ever. It doesn't work at all.


    Unbeatable without cheats, but its awesome. So many monsters.

  • Jump to PS3!

    This is bad. Fucking Malaria. I don't want to collect diamonds in corners of this giant world that I don't give a shit about.

  • More fighting streets! I also got Arcade Edition at one point.

    Dan for life.

  • More Ratchet and Clank!! Bring it!

    A lot of this game was awesome. Though, it is not better than Going Commando. It is still a great game.

  • My favorite PS3 Ratchet and Clank game, and my second favorite in the series.

    Dr. Nefarious is a cool dude, and one of my favorite villains in video games. Also, puzzles in Ratchet and Clank? Alright.

  • Detective Phelps, badge 1247.

    Story telling through never before seen mechanics. That face generating technology is nothing short of amazing.

  • Bought off PSN. I don't even like Magic Sword or whatever the other game is. All I wanted to do was piledrive dudes in Metro City. I got what I wanted, over and over.

  • It's a blast to play with friends. One of my friends played as Juggernaut, picked up a bad guy, then threw said bad guy at another bad guy, and then looked for other bad guys to pick up. A viable strategy if there are lots of bad guys to pick up.

    Translator's Note: bad guy = dude

  • Not the greatest game in the world. I didn't beat it, but I already know the twist. It's pretty dumb. All 3 of these games have a little something in common...

  • They're all in this game! Yep, I bought this Day 1. I PRE-ORDERED it, that's how hype I was for it. I'm pretty good as Haggar and Joe.

  • But then they released more characters, and then I could play as Captain America with that OTG! This is my favorite fighting game of all time.

  • Damn this game is hard, I didn't get very far in it. Also PS3 is the worst console for this game, apparently. I don't discredit that.

  • Bought it on PSN. Beat it in 20 minutes. Damn, that was a bad use of my money. At least I played it...

  • Oh yes. Jack Black is back and better than ever. Every concept about this game is awesome, but in practice, it falls short once or twice. It's still a solid game though.

  • I am the night.

    One of my favorite games of all time, and I don't even like Batman that much. The combat system is perfect. I wish other games would take a cue from it.

  • One of my favorite games of all time.

    You should know a thing or two about this game if you follow Giant Bomb.

  • Pyro, Demoman. My favorite classes.

    I bought this shit way before it went free to play.

    I always liked it, hats haven't changed anything.

  • Valve, I didn't know you made puzzle games.

  • Okay, I get it. You make puzzle games sometimes.