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New.... X-COM

i find the phrase 
" Yeah, you heard me. X-COM, the game to end all games, is finally getting its long-rumoured remake/sequel. [Boom. Internet explodes.]"
Quite accurate, X-COM would have been replaced by syndicate except for the fact that no studio has said they're making it, all that is with a new syndicate is just a new rumour. That is syndicate though, something is happening, you may find out.... when you see some guys in trenchcoats and mirror sunglasses 
walking straight at you while taking a strange gun like object out of one of their pockets.
X-COM takes a more more direct approach like giving you evidence of alien life by way of a giant alien snake eating your head.
So the X-COM fps is in the works, the secrect mill on fan sites have been working for awhile so the project has been under development for a bit and of course there is a picture or two, which, if you haven't seen you must be avoiding all popular game sites that feature Ken Lavines' 2K games company. That's right! 2k are licenseing the Ken name to market their company. Ken Lavine's X-COM, huh? Good isn't it! It's like playing a bit of Sid Meier's when your bored. Unless you've placed your money on an outside horse, the horse you'll find that is being served on your plate after it fell a few meters from the finish line, the same horse that will leave a bit of a bad taste in your mouth for a few days afterwords. I don't mean the UFO: games, I mean the indi ones that try to make a new X-COM and realise they'll get sued or unable to do anything with the project once they get close to making a modern x-com. Plus the fact they fuck up the atmosphere of the game.
How many re imagined blaster launchers do you wish to wield in the new world X-COM?
The real question is can you trust 2k Marin? After all, it's irrational... the Makers of Tribes: Vengeance
"And there you have it. We've learned two things from this. One, XCOM is being developed primarily in Australia, and two, 2K really need to stop changing the names of their studios every 18 months, because it's ridiculous we have to make posts like this just to clear things up!"
Some quotes cortisy of


Metro 2033

I'm currently reading this (yes reading!, not playing, paper is hard to play with, you can only fold/burn/eat it so many times before it disappears) 
It's a pretty good read and if you've read a russian book translated in to english, well it's like playing a russian game that may have been translated in to english. So far it doesn't follow the same storyline as the game, there are a good few bits at the start that the game doesn't have of course. We've just come across the soviets and Artyom hasn't even gotten near the surface (since the first time, no spoilers! The dark ones will get me!) 
Great book, go read it!