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So, school is about to start, and this year just might be the first year where I actually feel overwhelmed by the work (or so they say). I still haven't finished my AP US history homework, and I dont want to do it (but I will, the day night before school starts). School starting means that I only I can only play on weekends, so the hours I log in will be very limited, which means getting all of the trophies/achievements on TES V: Skryim will take a few months to get. Anyway, I plan on preordering Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, and I cannot wait for this game to come out (it will also be the first time I preorder a game, so that's something new. I've already decided that I wont get the Collector's Edition for the game, because I dont have the money, so I'm wondering if I should get the game from Gamestop, and get a cool steelbook, or get it from Amazon and get a DLC of a familiar (kind of like pokemon) that is not available in the Japanese version. I think if the Gamestop one comes with the regular cover and the steelbook, then it wins, because I really like the regular cover, and the steelbook would be a really nice bonus.