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Hello everyone who is not reading this (if this goes on the forums then it was an accident, i do believe that there already was some kind of topic having to deal with a trophy obsession). A few months ago, I got Valkyria Chronicles and I didn't play it for a few months because i was busy with Skyrim (63% done with achievements, boy!) and i got some sort of trophy obsession between Skyrim, Little Big Planet 1 & 2, Fifa 11, and Madagascar Karts of all things. When I started Valkyria Chronicles, and found out that it had no trophies, I almost put it down (good thing I didn't) for the stupid reason that I beleived that there was no point of playing if I'm not going to get some points out of it, and when I look back on that second where i might have decided that it wasn't worth playing because of the lack of trophy support, and I feel ashamed. Now that I think about it, until I got a PS3 approximately one year ago, i never bothered with trophies/achievements/points. The N64 didnt have trophies, PS2 didnt have it, DS didnt have it, Wii didnt have it, and my when I had my PSP, it didnt have trophies either (never bothered making an account back when the PSP came out, didn't see the point of it). I love collecting things, but my interests change really fast. One year I was into books, the next year--shoes and books, the year after that, anime, shoes, and books, and so on. I can never keep my "obsession" to one thing, and I like seeing a lot of things together (ie shoes all lined up, books must be in order, all of my badges--they range from political to humor--pinned to this certain lanyard, trophies from when I used to play soccer lined up next to my Manchester United flag, etc) so it makes sense why I have this trophy "obsession" because i can "admire" all of my trophies, neatly organized by latest played and then by date achieved. I hate it. I hate by obsession with things, and of all of the things, I hate how this trophy "obsession" might be keeping me from fully enjoying a game, even though I am REALLY enjoying Valkyria Chronicles. I do believe that I am not the only person who is a "trophyholic," but.......In other news, i just read about a woman who watched NASCAR with a dead guy (her boyfriend or husband, not sure) for 18 months, and he she would talk to him and stuff. She said that he was the only person who *ever* cared for her, so I can see why she had trouble losing him, but the think that I'm surprised about is how the body didn't stink, i mean, she might have cleaned him and everything, but you cant really clean those stomach acids, and what about all the other fluids in the body, they aren't circulating, so they eventually "expire" or go bad, amazingly, she said that there wasnt a stink, but, I dont know....

to be continued because i just dont know what to wright and i dont like going on and on, which is what is going to happen to this if i dont stop now.

GLHB, and ManU ftw!