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why i hate Yahoo! comment boards.....

ok, right now, im at a loss for words. This person claims that she is not racist, yet she states

"nothing is more racist than trying to force everyone to pretend that we're all the same. I have harsh words for blacks and hispanics but they DO have good qualities, but they aren't the good qualities that whites have. Trying to get most blacks into college is idiotic and wastes space for those who have the capability to learn. Blacks are better at physical labor because that's what they needed to do in Africa. Whites are better at planning and thinking because they had to do so to survive harsh European winters. We do EVERYONE a disservice by lying about the abilities of certain races and how do you think it makes them feel? They aren't so stupid that they can't tell when they're being BSed. You think Affirmative Action isn't basically saying "Hey, you're too stupid to do it without a ton of extra help that whites don't get"? It's insulting and WAY more racist than merely pointing out actual verifiable facts about various races (I use blacks as the example because I'm not writing a novel here lol).

As "racist" as I am, I want everyone to have TRULY EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, not this idiotic AA crap. If you are smart enough to succeed, I honestly don't care what color you are. I hate to say this (it sounds so cliched but it's true) but I have non-white friends and they know about my "racism" and they either don't care or they actually agree with me for the most part. But they're not stupid gangbangers or cartel scumbags. I'm not saying that there aren't good people in every race because there are, just that ON AVERAGE, some races have more idiots and violent trash."

she/he also says:

"White people may have racial anger but we don't kill people over it like the blacks and hispanics do, so please explain to me why so many liberals like you think that whites are the worst people EVAR!1! while completely ignoring violent anti-white behavior. If you think that you will be spared because you're a "good, non-racist" white, you're a fool and deserve what's coming to you. The worst thing that happens under white rule is minorities getting their precious feelings hurt (we soothe that butthurt with billion$ of productive white people's tax dollars), why not check out "South African farm murders" to see how benevolent and harmonious it is under non-white the "Rainbow Nation" no less! S. Africa went from a 1st world country to a nightmarish Mad Max h#llhole in less than 20 years but we think it won't happen here?? Keep closing your eyes to this, downvote me all you want but it won't change what's coming and when it does happen remember that I warned you. Maybe you can say "B-but I defended you on the INTERNET!" and they'll leave you alone....HAHAHAHAAA!"


"You never refute the actual science that proves that blacks and other minorities (except East Asians and Jews who are DEFINITELY not white) have lower IQ's than whites, you never talk about the DOJ crime statistics that show how violent and criminal they are (remember, the "white" statistics are over inflated because they consider Hispanics "white"), all you do is name call. What's idiotic is ignoring science that conclusively proves my comments right. I've always wondered how people who consider science to be their God never comment on it proving that we are all different and some of us are, in fact, inferior. If we are all exactly the same then why does sickle cell anemia ONLY affect blacks? I could go on and on but it never does any good. The brainwashing is too powerful, you are incapable of opening your eyes, reading the research and admitting that we are ALL different, and it's not always in a good way. So if you've never read any of these studies, and know nothing about anthropology, genetics or science in general, where do you get off calling other people ignorant?"

i pointed out to her/him that: While the research does state that some races has lower IQs than others, there are four contemporary classifications of position regarding study of differences in IQ based on race. one group says that this is because of some heritable differences in brain function and environment, another says that this is only because of environmental/social conditions, a third group says that these results are due to mistakes in the testing procedure, and a fourth group holds that either or both of the concepts of race and general intelligence are poorly constructed and therefore any comparisons between races are meaningless (i agree with the fourth one).

The American Psychological Association states: all peoples "possess equal biological ability to assimilate any human culture" and "racist political doctrines find no foundation in scientific knowledge concerning modern or past human populations."

Are there really people who believe things like this. for some reason, i feel like Hitler and this person would have been good friends (with the whole race superiority idea).

i feel like there is no point in arguing with this person, but you cant just sit down quietly (you have to sit down loudly!!!!!) when people are saying that they are superiour to you, your neighbors, and a large population of the american society. any ideas? also, is what this person is saying considered racist/bigoted?