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My Portal: Still Alive Review 0

I thought that this game was awesome! The game drew me in like a bumble be to honey. It is this good. I played the first part and thought it was grat but once I got the gun it got even better. The way the portal works just makes me like it more, but the computer can get a little anoying. The gun, once you get it so it can make to sides of the portal, it gets all the more interesting. I thought that it would be some dumb little game, but I played it and it surprised me....

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Gears of War 2 0

The gears of war 2 combat will "BLOW YOU AWAY" as states. The chainsawtamize are great and the gore is so much better. I love it! The sound is also so much more "meatier" than the first one and the mortar and the mulchers are great. The shotgon is better and those people cant roll and shotgun you one shot. The music is much more improved and I love it. (not saying the old music was bad). I happily say that this game is by far one of the best games that came out this fall!!!This art is gr...

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Fable 2 Is Fun But Not GREAT!!! 1

I thought that the game itself was a little to easy and that it was not as good as I expected of Molyneux. The gameplay is good but nothing really special and the weapons are cool, but the lack of armor and a really great combat system I dont think it was as good as the first one was for its time. The combat for me was a little bit cool but not as good as I would have expected. After playing this game I realized that it gives you gamerpoints practiclly for free! The interaction is not the best a...

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Castle Crasher Gameplay 0

Castle Crashers is one of the finest arcade games that you can find on live or anywhere else. I persoally thought that it was my favorite game for at least a week, then it got a little old but still it seemed so good...Well now let us talk of the gameplay, the reason for which I have written this review. You go around and fight a multitude of creatures, you use speacial combos to take them out such as jumping in the air and slashing them. You can barely tell what the hell is happening in the com...

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Marcusfriendlys Fallout 3 Review 2

Fallout 3This is a game where youu fight bad or good creatures level up and get stronger. It is not the classical RPG, it is one in which you go into and never want to get out of.Game PlayThe Game Play is relitvely simple if you have ever played Oblivion, the controls are pratically the same. You can use the V.A.T.S. to take out your enemys in slow motion or you can use your guns regularly. I think the gameplay is ausome, and it is great. V.A.T.S. modeWeaponsThere are many different weapons in t...

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