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Mardarkin: Favorites

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  • The creator of my videogame obsession. Unfortunately, the closest I've come to experiencing a true dose of Sonic style in recent years is in his appearance in Smash Bros Brawl. Spin-dash, yes please.

  • While lacking in any form of innovation or new direction, this is easily the most balanced, face-melting rendition of Unreal Twitch Deathmatching so far. Combo King!

  • Portal, Team Fortress and Half-Life, oh my!

  • Probably one of the bestest cinematic single player experiences, and all showcased on a very foxy Unreal Engine.


  • The Christian Bale/Chris Nolan vision should bring out the Batman in all of us.

  • Best seen in Spiderman movies one and two, and for ultimate web-slinging, see Ultimate Spiderman across gaming platforms.

  • 360 sword swing = bliss.

  • Because we all want to be a pirate.

  • There will be cake.

  • First introduced to Marth through the various Smash Bros iterations, it is hard for me not to dig the lethal combination of agility, swordsplay and cloak-wearing swagger.