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MonsterMMORPG New Update is Live : V 2.2.7

Monster MMORPG Another Game Patch Is Live Right Now : V 2.2.7

* All monsters on all maps re-assigned

* All NPCs on all maps re-assigned

* All NPC monsters re-assigned

* For until the school holiday event ends now the EXP & Gold bonus is 300%

* Very rare monsters giveaways are continuing on our official Facebook page make sure you follow


* 5 Monster images updated. 3 of them are commissioned and 2 of them are volunteered


* Volunteered ones

* Commissioned ones


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V 2.2.6 and School holiday event of Monster MMORPG - Free MMO Game For Pokemon Players

Monster MMORPG V 2.2.6 Changelogs and awesome event announcement

* Alright guys here starts the schools holiday at Monster MMORPG.

* Till 6 January 2014 - 10 PM game time there will be - approx 14 days (

click to see remaining time


---- %200 Bonus Gold & EXP reward from battles


And %40 Bonus from each donation


Example if you donate 100$ you will get 140$ balance


* 31 monster images updated.

---- 6 new professional revamps

---- 2 improved professional revamps

---- 23 free images that replaces old images and improves quality

##### Some of the monsters names changed

* Have fun

* Here the list of professional revamps (thanks to those talented artists)

---- Please refresh the page or hit F5 to see updated images

* Here the free improvements (thanks to all those talented artists)

#952 Auramus

#958 Battip

#965 Capty

#966 Cryle

#1020 Flybat

#1025 Sharlow

#1026 Sharcune

#398 Ivygroud

#615 Cunair

#1005 Rattip

#1006 Crystaleon

#1172 Foxfire

#1388 Sanditon

#1457 Burzal

#1722 Psycivy

#1792 Canostrich

#967 Raitigas

#969 Cintus

#1004 Luvaly

#1028 Venonake

#1029 Voltear

#1030 Tortearec

#1288 Marroslash


1080p gameplay tutorial video - a bit outdated right now

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Free Indie Online Game Monster MMORPG Another Version 2.2.5

Version 2.2.5 Update On No Cheat, No Download, Free Browser MMO RPG Monster MMORPG

* 3 Monsters Revamped

* 150% bonus event started for weekend

* There will be a lot of giveaway events from now on, the events will be made on facebook page


---- Latest event:

* For weekend below monsters appear rate doubled

Double appear rate

Zenith on :

Legendary on :

Ancient on :

And revamped monsters (press F5 or refresh page if you are still seeing old images)


gamepaly video

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Indie Browser MMO RPG Game MonsterMMORPG V 2.2.4

* Monster MMORPG V 2.2.4 Change-logs Free MMO RPG Indie Game

* 5 Monsters images are revamped. 3 Of them got also name change

* 8 Monsters images slightly improved

* 200% EXP boost event started for the weekend

* Now when an error occurred while sending a private message it should keep your message instead of making message blank. Minimum private message title length reduced to 3 characters

* Several new curse words added on chat filter. If you believe there are still please pm me

* Now you can not send empty title messages with using multiple space characters

* Press F5 or refresh page to see updated images as always



MonsterMMORPG V 2.2.3 Update - Pathfinding AI Added To The Game

Update 2.2.3 On Monster MMORPG A Browser Based Indie Game With Pathfinding AI


This is one of the very important update recently happened


For the Sunday, 300% very special bonus event started. Both Gold and EXP


Battle animation can be turned off/on from control panel. Now it is remembered


Now you can click your username at right top to go your control panel


First few maps now have arrow images embedded to show exits and entrance to the monster center, shop or caves


Pathfinding feature implemented to the game


Pathfinding or pathing is the plotting, by a computer application, of the shortest route between two points. It is a more practical variant on solving mazes. This field of research is based heavily on Dijkstra's algorithm for finding the shortest path on a weighted graph.

---- In our game pathfinding works as to show you shortest path to the exits. In short a path to the route changing locations.

---- Pathfinding normally very hardware power consuming stuff but we are doing preprocessing to make it lightning fast.

---- Preprocessing still continues so pathfinding is supported to maps between 1-220. But in couple of days hopefully it will be supported at all of the maps.

---- Pathfinding can be turned off/on from control panel

---- Here pathfinding image


Players starting positions to the game at the first map greatly randomized. So they won't compose a crowd at the front of monster center


Individual donation page added to the game. In order to view that page you need to login and have more than 5 monsters total


7 Monster images completely revamped. Henrie is back ^^

(If you are still seeing old images please hit F5 or refresh the page)


All monsters on maps re-assigned


All NPCs and their monsters re-assigned

News Source

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Fun time browser game Monster MMORPG V 2.2.2 Update

[url=]Another great update of Monster MMORPG online free game[/url]

* 250% EXP and Gold bonus event started for the weekend

* 4 Monster images revamped (commissioned)

* 6 Monster images updated (these are freebies temporary until better versions come)

--- Press F5 and refresh your browser cache if you are still seeing old images

* Commissioned revamped monsters

[url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]

* Images updated monsters freebies

[url=]#711 Firahi[/url] [url=]#712 Kamburn[/url] [url=]#713 Lavampus[/url] [url=]#989 Fivida[/url] [url=]#1617 Ruptican[/url] [url=]#1618 Ruptiroar[/url]


**** [url=]Gameplay tutorial video 1080p on YouTube[/url]





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Free Online MMORPG Game Monster MMORPG Made For No Download Games Players & Pokemon Fans Another Cool Update V 2.2.0

[url=]Free Online MMORPG Game Monster MMORPG Made For No Download Games Players & Pokemon Fans Another Cool Update V 2.2.0[/url]

* 1 New monster added to the game so now we have [b]1,800 different monsters[/b] [img][/img]

* Monster revamping process continue. It is slow because it is really hard to find such talented artists from reasonable prices.

* 2 Monster images revamped

* All monsters on maps re-assigned

* All monsters default abilities re-assigned

* All NPCs and their monsters re-assigned

[b]* Special weekend 200% EXP event started[/b]

[i]* Please hit F5 if you are still seeing old monsters[/i]

[b]Revamped Monsters[/b]

#1223 Pyrake #858 Visiood

[url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]

[b]New monster[/b]



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Yes! More awesome new monsters at free to play Monster MMORPG V 2.1.9 and new feature

Version 2.1.9 Update on

Monster MMORPG

* 6 Monster images updated with improved versions.

* A requested by players new feature, filtering to the



All Monsters

page added


New feature screenshot

* %200 EXP & Gold bonus event started for the weekend

* Personal note from the Developer


---- I have PhD qualifying exam this Tuesday. Insha'Allah if i can pass it, after passing it i am planning to start coding v3.
Unfortunately finding quality web designer failed so i will start to not loose anymore time.

* Updated monster images

* New feature screenshot


[url=]#933 Seama[/url] [url=]#934 Maqua[/url] [url=]#935 Seamaqua[/url] [url=]#945 Psyrox[/url] [url=]#1223 Pyrake[/url] [url=]#1788 Bulbakeet[/url]

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