By the Numbers: Data Dump 2012 Final Mix #Reload

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Welcome to 2013. The 20Doz is gone forever. And soon the Data Dump will be as well. Unfortunately, the metrics that I use to grab all these charts from are not built into the new site yet, which means that this is the last edition of the Data Dump at least for a long while. Rather than just doing a post based on December data, let's just wrap it up by looking at 2012 as a whole and look at who were some of the top users and pages on the site for the year.

Letters & Numbers

Here's some totals from the year.

  • 592 Articles
  • 953 Videos
  • 33,000+ Forum Topics Created
  • 374,000+ Comments
  • 3000+ User Reviews
  • 8000+ Blogs
  • 140,000+ Wiki Submissions


By almost reaching the century mark, truly was the king of the blogs in 2012.

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had nearly twice as many posts as anyone else in 2012. That's...probably not healthy. , , and also broke the 1000 landmark in terms of comments.

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Clearly, videos get the most activity in terms of comments. actually created more new topics than Patrick did, which is kind of crazy. Unsurprisingly, Mass Effect 3 was the most active game forum. I wouldn't have guessed Guild Wars 2 would be #2 though. And the wrestling thread was far and away the most active topic of the year nearly doubling that of the anime thread. Giant Bomb is your go-to source for all things Antonio Cesaro.

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Okay, you know we haven't had any new quests since Christmas 2011, but I had to post this chart because seriously...what the fuck happened in March?

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No real surprises in the top ten most user reviewed games. The only 2011 release on the list is Skyrim at #10. And the only console exclusives on the list are Halo 4 and Journey.

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The Giant Bomb community's favorite number seems to be 8 (or 4 stars). And left everyone in the dust in terms of the number of user reviews posted..

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The #1 most watched video on Giant Bomb in 2012 was... The SSX Quick Look? Really? I mean...I love SSX more than most, but...huh. The only explanation here is the powerful influence of the man known as .

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I don't know why is listed twice on the top video commenters chart, but I think it's safe to say he got the #1 spot. Clearly Alex posted the most videos to the site in 2012, but I think something's wrong with that tracker. It says that I uploaded 69 videos, but I remember counting close to 100 or maybe a little over that when I was uploading them during E3 2012. Who knows. I'll take credit for that massive spike in June, though!

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Unfortunately, the metric for wiki points seems to be broken. So, the only means I have of determining the top wiki editors in 2012 is based on number of edits made. It's probably not the fairest way to do it, but I figure is deserving anyway.

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ZombiePie has been watching the wiki queue like a hawk all year. Someone out there has been doing the dirty work of adding Release data to the site. So much so that there were more new Release pages than any other type of page on the site. On the submissions chart, you can see that the moderators are still doing about 20% of the approvals of wiki edits. And it's no surprise that game pages are far and away the most edited page type.

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These are the top 10 9 most active wiki pages in terms of number of edits made. What's that one at the end?

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The End

It's no secret at this point that I'm a stats junkie. Hell, I even admitted it over three years ago. So, I've had fun doing this stuff for the last six months or so. Maybe it'll return one day, but I hope some of you have enjoyed looking at some dumb bar graphs once a month.