By the Numbers: Data Dump - October 2012

Welcome to November, duders. This is a little late because I've been busy stabbin' fools in the neck and crashing through 's billboards. Site traffic in October was fairly interesting as you'll see below. Obviously, lots of big games were released in the last few weeks, which has kept both the forums and the wiki quite active. And it's not slowing down any time soon with Halo 4 this week, then the Wii U launch in a couple weeks. A couple weeks?! That's crazy. Do we even know how the online stuff works yet? And don't forget about Black Friday. Oh...sweet, sweet Black Friday. The deal hunting threads will be running rampant I'm sure. But, before we get too caught up in what's coming in November, let's take a look back at October.


is way ahead of everyone thanks to his Art of Video Games series of blogs. If you haven't checked those out yet, you should.

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The wrestling discussion thread has successfully defended its championship as the most popular thread for another month. Will it be the sole survivor after November? We shall see. But, what's up with the anime crew? Your thread fell to third place? C'mon, guys.

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I find it kind of interesting how forum traffic basically tanks on the weekend. I would've thought that's when people have more free time, but I guess not. Check out the traffic on the 30th, which is the day Assassin's Creed III and Most Wanted came out. I expect we'll see that sort of spike with Halo and later on with the Wii U. The top 3 posters are the same as last month, but and swapped places between 1st and 3rd.

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This is a combination of every type of notification on the site including @ replies, friend requests, guide edits, review/list recommendations, wall posts, and wiki approvals/rejections. See how it just tanks on the weekend? That's still weird to me.

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takes the top spot on user reviews this month thanks to a slew of classic game reviews. No real surprises on the top 10 most reviewed games. Dark Souls may seem kind of odd, but didn't it just come out on PC?

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All Quick Looks, all the time. Traffic is up as well, as the top video this month has about 8000 more views than the top video in August.

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In October, became the third user to reach the 200,000 points mark. So, it's no surprise that he was the top user (based on points) last month as well.

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I'm trying to figure out if approved a wiki edit or if the chart is required to have six people on it. XCOM was the most edited page of the month, while Praxis' work on the Heroes of Might & Magic franchise took the top two spots on most points earned. Look at all the work people are doing on Release data! It brings a tear to my eye. And some guy named Jeff is the #8 most active user in terms of number of edits made. Go figure.

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See y'all in December!