E3 2018 & You! - Press Conferences, Chat, Forums, and Wiki Info

Welcome to the Vapor Chamber...Land.
Welcome to the Vapor Chamber...Land.

The Electronic Three is once again starting early this year. While E3 2018 is officially Tuesday through Thursday, the press conferences media briefings showcases start with EA on Saturday. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past twenty-three years, you know that E3 is the biggest trade show for the video game industry. We're gonna see countless new trailers, demos, announcements, interviews, and live streams over the next week. What does that mean in relation to you and Giant Bomb? It means there's going to be a tidal wave of new threads created to talk about this stuff and just as many wiki submissions for new games. But, if you follow these simple steps, you’ll survive the chaos.

A lot of what you'll see below should be utilized year-round, but especially during the non-stop nature of E3.

Press Conferences

It's always E3 somewhere.
It's always E3 somewhere.

From Saturday afternoon through Tuesday morning, you are going to see threads dedicated to each publisher's presentation (EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo). These threads will be posted and stickied shortly before each press conference. They are the go-to place for any and all discussion for their respective press conferences before, during, and after the show is over. So, don't go posting a brand new thread each time someone new walks out on stage and says something dumb/funny/amazing. Let's try to keep it all in one place.

Here's the details on when the shows are. For commentary by Giant Bomb staff, you'll want to be watching them streamed in chat. The "Local Time" link should translate the time automatically to your local time.

EA Play 2018Saturday, June 911:00 AM PDTYour Local Time
Xbox E3 2018 BriefingSunday, June 101:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
The Bethesda E3 ShowcaseSunday, June 106:30 PM PDTYour Local Time
Square Enix E3 ShowcaseMonday, June 1110:00 AM PDTYour Local Time
Ubisoft E3 Media Briefing 2018Monday, June 111:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
PlayStation E3 2018 ShowcaseMonday, June 116:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
Nintendo Direct: E3 2018Tuesday, June 129:00 AM PDTYour Local Time

Individual Games

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We know you want to talk about all these glorious new games that are about to get announced. But, there's no sense in fifty duders creating a new thread to talk about that thing that Shuhei Yoshida just announced 18 seconds ago. And, in case you didn't know, every game in the Giant Bomb database has a forum attached to it. Tidy organization is built right in! All you have to do is utilize it. Did Casey Hudson just announce that Anthem will never have loot boxes? Well, guess where you should start a thread to talk about it? You guessed it.

E3 is fast and furious, so we know there are going to be duplicates sometimes, but help us out by taking a few seconds to check first. The dupes that get through will soon be locked anyway.

The Wiki

The new wiki tools are great. Get in there!
The new wiki tools are great. Get in there!

But, what if there's no page for the game I want to talk about?!

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Go ahead and make a page for it. Before you do, though, make sure there's not already one created. We have a some hardcore wiki users that are going to be lightning quick on new stuff. Sometimes, when a new page is created, it takes a bit of time to show up in search. Here's a tip for you:


Even if someone submitted it three seconds ago, it's going to be there. So, use that instead of just checking the search bar. The mods will be monitoring the wiki queue like hawks trying to get the new stuff through as quickly as possible.

CitizenKane's Patented Bullet Points of Recapping

  • An official, pinned thread for each of the seven press conferences.
  • Any topics about individual games should be placed inside their respective games' forums and NOT in General Discussion.
  • Check for already existing threads about what you want to talk about.
  • Topics not in the correct place will be moved by moderators immediately.
  • Any user who continues to post such topics in GD will receive an official warning. So be cool.
  • Follow these simple steps, and have fun. It's E3 time!

And That...


E3 is one of the most fun times of the year for anyone who loves games. It's fast. It's chaotic. It's sometimes ridiculous and/or hilarious. All of us here in the Giant Bomb community want to have a good time with all the news, announcements, trailers, and late-night podcasts. So, let's all do our part to keep things as organized as possible so everyone can find anything they're looking for during E3 2018.

Got questions? Feel free to post them here so that anyone else with the same/similar question can get helped at the same time.

Let's do this!