Thanks to aurahack for this logo.
Thanks to aurahack for this logo.

So... is a thing I made.

For those that don't know, I've been the one updating the community promos that you see at the bottom of the front page for the last few years. As such, I still feel weird about promoting any of my own stuff. The PAX Guide is different because I truly believe that it helps people, but other's weird. But, ever since launching this really dumb web site last week, people have been telling me it needs a promo. "More people need to know about this," they said. So, here we are.

Rather than just lazily linking to the site from the promo, I figured I could give some background on the why and the how. On the flight home from PAX East 2015, I came up with the idea of making an unofficial official home page for PAX Wrestling. Then, I realized...I haven't made websites in over a decade. This discouraged me for about 30 seconds until I realized...that's perfect. A site stuck in the 90's? For a bunch of people playing N64 wrestling games? I had to make this happen.

I spent about two weeks finding out whether or not modern browsers would even support my archaic ideas. Does Chrome support frames? It sure does. Can I still format an entire site using only tables? Sure, why the hell not? Then, how many dumb, 90's Internet things can I cram in there? Guestbooks? Check. Web Ring? Check. Under construction gifs? Check. Animated bloody horizontal rules? CHECK!

To add some legitimacy to this ridiculous endeavor, I spent a while time stamping both Rumbles so I could generate some stats and fun facts. If you've seen my blogs here over the last several years, you know I love numbers. The most time-intensive part of course was making all the Superstar pages, but it was a lot of fun. I'd be lying if I didn't question the whole thing while writing some of those. It's difficult to know if you've dialed into right level of stupid. Luckily, most people seem to like it so far. I mean, there's a ticker at the bottom that tells me 13,000 people have seen it. Web counters can't lie, you know. So, if you don't follow Twitter much and haven't seen it yet, please go check out (or and let me know what ya think.

If you've got any suggestions, comments, questions, or complaints... lemme hear about it.

P.S. - Make sure to check out the Links page to see some other duders whose work helped make this happen.

P.P.S. - Thanks to @sparklykiss for giving me the idea to make Elisa's page entirely in Spanish.