Best of 2011

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  • No surprise here. 152+ hours and there's still soooo many dark icons on that map. Despite all the reported issues with the game, I experienced virtually no problems. I think I had a hard lock-up twice. I'm engrossed in the world of Nirn so much that I'm seriously thinking about going back to play Morrowind since Oblivion was my first game in the series.

  • I love MK. Some of the first work I did on the wiki here was adding info for the actors in the first three MK games. MK9 sets the bar frighteningly high for any future fighting games in terms of story and overall single-player content. It masterfully straddles the line between nostalgia/fan-service and competition-worthy gameplay.

  • Uncharted 2 was so amazing that making a follow up to match it had to be almost impossible. For the most part, Naughty Dog pulled it off. But, since that jump from 1 to 2 was so drastic, the jump from 2 to 3 pales in comparison, which is unfair when evaluating U3 itself. It's still an incredible feat in design, character, and story telling. I played from chapter 3 to the end in one sitting, and the game only left me wanting more.

  • This game came out of nowhere. I had absolutely no interest in it prior to release. But after hearing so much about it during PAX, I ordered it online during the show to have when I got home. I quickly fell in love with the game's world and to read every single email and hack every single door I could find. And I actually completed it without killing anyone.

  • I was lucky enough to play Bastion at its first public appearance; PAX Prime 2010. You almost always know that when someone hands you a headset for their demo that the sound is a big deal. Well, it was never more true than in Bastion. But the game isn't a one-trick pony. It takes the brilliant narration mechanic and beautiful soundtrack and combines it with a combat system that was rewarding to master and a story with characters that compelled you to want to finish the game in one sitting.

  • Spaaaaaaaaace. Space!

  • Forget about the single-player. Just forget about it. I know I did. And for someone that doesn't often play online with random log-carrying folks, I spent a considerable amount of time doing just that, and had a pretty great time as well. I dumped countless ours into BF2 many years ago. I only wish I had a PC capable of running this one as well.

  • This was the only game I took the time to write a review for in 2011. After taking several years off from the franchise due to various issues with the games, I couldn't resist returning for a chance to play my home state's Augusta Nataional Golf Course. EA successfully utilized The Masters license in such a way that brought about the sense of grandeur that the actual event displays every April.

  • Diminishing returns are a bitch. I love the AC franchise. I even loved the first game. ACR is pretty damn good too, but it's not what fans of the series really wanted after that massive cliffhanger at the end of Brotherhood. It's still good enough to break into my top 10 though. And it hasn't ruined my hopes for AC3.

  • I like Batman. How can you not like Batman? But, I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a fan though. I certainly wasn't buying Batman games before Arkham. I won't act like I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the world of DC, but I can say that I enjoyed the journey through a cavalcade of villains.