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Character Wishlist: PlayStation All-Stars 2

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This list was originally a wishlist for Battle Royale. I had about 30 ideas, but only four of them ended up being playable characters (Sir Daniel, Sackboy, Spike, and Nariko). I'm hoping that in a couple years we'll get a second game in the series, so this list is now a wishlist for characters that should debut in a potential second game.

To keep things from getting too crazy, I'm limiting this list to character from games that were published and/or developed by Sony. We could always make outlandish wishlists with a hundred third-party characters that would be fun to have in the game, but, while I'm sure there will be some third-party characters in the game, I'm keeping my hopes at least a little realistic here.

So, in no particular order...

List items

  • While EverQuest's mascot is infinitely more iconic to PC gamers, she does appear in the Champions of Norrath series on PS2.

  • Not a very good game, and, sadly, Phil Hartman's last project before his death. Let's bring Blasto back along with that bank of Phil Hartman one-liners that so many people missed out on.

  • If you've never played Jumping Flash, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

  • Probably one of my favorite characters of this console generation. I'd love to take a crossbow and twing-twang Radec in the eye.

  • Legend of Dragoon may have been a FF clone, but it was a pretty good one.

  • The dark, mysterious, 10,000 year-old, female party member from Legend of Dragoon.

  • The titular giant robot that is piloted by Lieutenant Lester.

  • Screw these guys from Killzone, Resistance, and SOCOM. Let's go back to our action/shooter roots on the PlayStation platform and get Gabe Logan's goofy looking running animation in 1080p.

  • I'm gonna get really thirsty, then build a bridge on top of your ass. Boom!

  • Okay, so not a character, but I'd love a Fantavision level in the game.

  • I kinda have to have Ico, right?

  • Let's transform into some demons and beat the hell out of some Fat Princesses.

  • Who doesn't love adorable space pirates that fight with twin daggers? I'd rather have in the game than the ridiculously named main character of Rogue Galaxy (Jaster Rogue).

  • This just seems like a no brainer.

  • Defeat your friends by weakening their psyche with constant chanting.

  • You can't have a game revolving around beating the shit out of other Sony characters and not include Rau.

  • The world needs more bloody halberds.

  • Got any Giant Enemy Crabs that need killin'?

  • He's smarter than you and will crack your skull with a giant wrench. What's not to love?

  • Transforming into a massive armored knight seems like an idea made for a fighting game.

  • What Pokemon Trainer was to Smash Bros Brawl, Ellen could be for Battle Royale.

  • This one will never happen, but I'm including her based on my own personal bias. Maggie was the virtual host of the later issues of PlayStation Underground. In a fighting game, she could kill you with sass and back-talk.

  • Great job, Jeremy!

  • When 3D platformers were all the rage, Jersey Devil went by mostly unnoticed.

  • Again, obviously not a character, but can't you just imagine an Intelligent Qube level?

  • If you can create a mist that threatens all of humanity, you're probably a good candidate for a fighting game.

  • Just imagine the grapples!

  • Asking for Lammy when we've already got PaRappa may be a bit much, but's my list!

  • I just realized I might be creating a Level 5 fighting game.

  • Put a different CD in to change his moveset.