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Dreamcast Collection

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My Dreamcast story is a sad tale.  I got it the day it came out, which was just a few weeks after I had moved to Valdosta for college.  Within two months it had been stolen out of my dorm room, probably by my roommate who was conveniently going home for Thanksgiving immediately after it happened.  NFL 2K was in the system, but none of my other games were stolen.  It was not until the summer of 2000 that I was able to afford another one.  So, I spent $400 for my Dreamcast.  I need to work on the collection of games I have for it. 

Hardware & Accessories 

  • Sega Dreamcast 
  • Sega Controller (x2)
  • Sega Controller (Red) 
  • Sega Keyboard 
  • Sega Visual Memory Unit (x2)

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