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These are the games I picked when getting a new console or handheld on the day they were released. The PlayStation was the first system that I received without having to wait until Christmas. I'm sure that was partially due to incessant whining on my part. The Nintendo 64 was the first system I bought with my own money, but that was a few months after it came out. Everything from then on was on my own, and these are the games I decided to buy along with them.

I did not get an Xbox or GameCube at launch. You can blame that on a little game called EverQuest. I didn't play anything else at the time. I didn't need anything else.

For Xbox 360, I bought one at midnight, but I did not buy any games for it. I was working as holiday help at Best Buy at the time and didn't know whether or not I was going to have a job after Christmas. So, I was thinking about selling it on eBay. I played Hexic for a week or so before caving and picked up Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo. I can't say either of those made me feel great about my decision, but I was happy later. But, since I didn't buy them on day one, no Xbox 360 games on this list.

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For PlayStation 3, I had just spent money on Wii's launch and couldn't really afford a PS3 on top of that. I had decided to wait til at least Spring before getting it, but then a friend of mine said his boss at the pawn shop had one that didn't sell on eBay. He was willing to sell it to me at retail price and let me pay in $100 installments. On top of that, he let me take it home immediately. But, that wasn't on launch day of course.

No 3DS games on here either. I was pretty adamant about not buying it on release. But when they announced the price drop and I was able to get it at Walmart before the official date in order to get into the Ambassador Program, I couldn't pass it up. Plus, I knew it'd be fun to have during PAX Prime 2011 for StreetPass.

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