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NES Collection

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What more could a six year-old kid ask for when graduating kindergarten? So I wasn't the first one (or the second or third) I knew who had an NES, but I got it eventually. I still remember being furious coming home to find out that my mom had found and beaten the next dungeon in Zelda while I was at school. As for the collection, I really should work on tracking down some of these games with the box. All but three of my NES games don't have the box. I'm not sure what caused me to start keeping them when I got a SNES, but I really wish my six-year-old self would've adopted that mentality.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set (complete w/box)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set (complete w/box)
  • Nintendo Advantage Controller
  • Nintendo Controller (x3)
  • Nintendo Gatorskin Game Carrying Case
  • Nintendo Max Controller
  • Nintendo Power Pad
  • Nintendo Zapper (gray)
  • Nintendo Zapper (orange)

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