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Nintendo 64 Collection

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This was the first system I bought with my own money. I didn't get one for Christmas, so I used some of the money and gift cards I got towards buying the system. I didn't have money for any games at the time, which wasn't too terrible since there were only a few options anyway. I immediately had buyer's remorse though and was going to return it when my mom offered to get a game for me. I picked NBA Hangtime and played the hell out of it until I could afford Mario Kart a month or so later.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Nintendo 64
  • MadCatz Memory Pack 1X
  • Nintendo Controller - Gold (x2)
  • Nintendo Controller - Gray
  • Nintendo Controller - Red
  • Nintendo Controller Pak (x2)
  • Nintendo Expansion Pak
  • Nintendo Rumble Pak (x3)

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