PlayStation 2 Collection

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PlayStation 2 was the first system launch that I worked during.  It was pure chaos at the Software Etc. I worked for in Valdosta.  We had roughly 350 people who had pre-ordered a system.  We had 42 systems in our first shipment.  And FOUR memory cards.  The store manager sent me and another guy to Walmart to buy out their stock of memory cards so that we could sell them to our customers. 
Out of all the systems I have, I have more PS2 games than any other.  Xbox 360 is catching up though. 

Hardware & Accessories 

  • Sony PlayStation 2 (complete w/box)
  • Sony PlayStation 2 (Slim) - Satin Silver (complete w/box)
  • A.L.S. Messenger Bag Carrying Case 
  • Guitar Hero Gibson Guitar 
  • Hori Dragon Quest Slime Controller 
  • Hori Tekken 5 Arcade Stick (complete w/box)
  • Logitech Cordless Action Controller 
  • Logitech Driving Force Pro Force Feedback Wheel (complete w/box)
  • Monster S-Video Cable 
  • Namco GunCon2 Light Gun 
  • Sony 40GB Hard Drive (complete w/box) 
  • Sony DualShock 2 Analog Controller (x2) (complete w/box)
  • Sony DualShock 2 Analog Controller (Satin Silver) 
  • Sony EyeToy (complete w/box) 
  • Sony Horizontal Stand 
  • Sony Memory Card 8MB (x2) 
  • Sony Network Adapter 
  • Sony Vertical Stand (complete w/box)

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