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PlayStation 3 Collection

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When the PS3 launched, I had just started a new job after being unemployed for a while, so I couldn't really afford it. But a friend mine, who works at a pawn shop, told me his boss had bought one in an attempt to sell it on eBay. After realizing he wasn't going to get what he expected for it online, he offered to sell it to me. So, I was able to get a PS3 a couple weeks after launch and pay for it over the course of a few months with no interest. Can't argue with that. And now I've got a 60GB PS3 with full backwards compatibility.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Sony PlayStation 3 60GB (complete w/box)
  • Sony DualShock 3 Wireless Controller
  • Sony Memory Card Adapter
  • Sony SIXAXIS Wireless Controller
  • Hori Wireless Tekken 6 Arcade Stick
  • Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset

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