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PlayStation Long Boxes

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I am on a [very slow] quest to obtain a copy of every game that was released before the original PlayStation converted to regular-ass CD jewel cases. A total of 102 games were released in the various versions of what have become known simply as "long boxes." There are three types of long boxes. About a dozen of the 102 games are available in multiple types of long boxes.

Plastic (34)

These are essentially big jewel cases. They are known to crack super easily from normal use, so finding one in good condition is becoming more difficult now that they're over twenty years old.

Flat (32)

These flat, smooth cardboard boxes don't have anything to hold the manual in place inside. Many of them included a foam brick inside that kept everything from shaking around inside while closed. Most people seem to have unfortunately thrown the foam away.

Ridged (49)

These cardboard boxes have a plastic, ridged hinge on the spine. These are the most common type.

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