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PSP Collection

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I picked up a PSP at launch, and was pretty excited about it honestly. But, after the first year or so, it just kind of lost momentum. I still need to pick up a PSPgo for collecting purposes, but dropping $250 on something I'll hardly play hasn't been a top priority.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Sony PlayStation Portable Value Pack (PSP-1000) (complete w/box)
  • Sony PlayStation Portable God of War Bundle (PSP-2000) (complete w/box)
  • Sony PSP go (Pearl White) (complete w/box)
  • Crisis Core Shinra UMD Case
  • Intec UMD Case
  • Logitech PlayGear Pocket
  • Sony MemoryStick Pro Duo 32MB
  • Sony MemoryStick Pro Duo 4GB

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