Super Nintendo Collection

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Christmas 1991 was pretty good. I remember standing in Service Merchandise for what seemed like hours just watching Super Mario World are their demo station...that you could NOT play! I remember going over to a friend's house for the weekend since he had received his early (before Christmas). We maybe slept four hours the whole weekend between playing Mario and Final Fantasy II non-stop.

Unfortunately, I traded in the bulk of my SNES collection when the PlayStation came out. It was the last time I ever traded stuff in like that and I still regret it. I had a Super Scope with the box and everything. I've bought some of it back, but I really need to work on rebuilding the collection.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (complete w/box)
  • Asciiware asciiPad
  • Asciiware Super Advantage
  • Galoob Game Genie Video Game Enhancer
  • Nintendo Controller (x3)
  • Nintendo Super Game Boy
  • QJ SN ProgramPad

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