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The Day the Console Died

This is simply a list of games I was playing when I've had a system die...or otherwise become unusable. I'll explain below.

Hopefully this list doesn't get larger than three games.

List items

  • It was the day before Christmas break in 1999. I walked across the hall of my dorm to use the bathroom. I was gone maybe two minutes. I get back and my to my dismay, my TV was on a blank "VIDEO" screen and my Dreamcast had been yanked off the shelf. NFL 2K was in the system. They didn't take the other games I had, or the N64, or the PS1. I guess they had a gameplan and stuck to it. Conveniently, my roommate was leaving to go home for the break about 15 minutes after that. Did he take it? I guess I'll never know for sure. I didn't get another Dreamcast til the next Summer.

  • I felt pretty lucky to have made it almost two years without having my system red ring. Almost everyone I knew had already had it happen at least once. Then, my luck ran out at the most inopportune time. The first time I put BioShock in my 360...BAM! Three red lights.

  • I liked this game more than most people I guess. But it did me wrong. It was December 2009, and while running around France, the color suddenly became reminiscent of clown barf. Then vertical lines appeared. I hoped it was the game, but after going back to the dashboard, it was clear something was wrong. I reset the system and got the lovely E74 error screen. It didn't help that UPS and my apartment manager somehow lost it when Microsoft sent it back. After a few weeks of unsuccessfully getting someone to accept the blame, I bought a new one. Two weeks later, some old lady in a different apartment brought it to the apartment office saying it must've been delivered to her by accident. Sigh...


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I forgot about Bioshock.

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@ultgmr: Yeah, that was pretty rough.