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A Bushido Blade clone that knows what it's doing. 0

Deadliest Warrior is a strange fighting game, a great one, but strange.  Graphics 3/5 I'll let you guess what happens next.         I'll get this out of the way first, the graphics are pretty good. At least for a $10 game they are. It uses 3D models and arenas that they attempt to make look real but the animations are very stiff and don't change to fit the weapon in use at the time, for example the ninja stabbing someone with a metal ball just is awkward. However when the animations do go off c...

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A quirky adventure plagued by reptition. 0

Deathspank, an amazing game with humor everywhere but too repetitive for it's own good.  Presentation  5/5      The art style that this game utilizes is very simple yet beautiful at the same time. It reminds the player of a pop-up book from their childhood. The world feels like a giant sphere as you travel through it, backgrounds fade downward as you walk away and new ones seemingly pop-up as you draw closer. The textures are well done and the details put into everything shows a lot of dedicatio...

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