activision fail again

goldeneye reloaded just plain out sucks theres no guide theres no walkthrough , there is no unlockables there is nothing different in this one then in the wii version yet they sold it as a 60 dollar game! and the online portion is still half baked -- you connect one time , the next nope ,

some times it even kicks you out of the server ,

the facility is not the facility at all , it bares no resemblence to even the sp version of it , and it doesnt even compare to quantum of solace's facility

thats a good question , why is it they are able to put the real facility in quantum of solace a game not related to goldeneye xcept in franchise naming 007 ,

but they cant for a remake of goldeneye?

makes no sense , even rare was able to produce facility for pd0 and even keep it in pdxbla no problem, but activision cant leave well enough alone or add to this ,

it is named reloaded but there is nothing reloaded about it they only added 9 m16 ops missions and 4 maps in multiplayer -2 of which taken from quantum of solace ,

they put no effort into anything, they did in goldeneye, reloaded it is for sure gonna be one of those forgotten fpses under call of duty!

should have just made the new 007 game that was announced in 2009? what ever happened to that one , , instead we got this one,


well looks like i was right in my blog before goldeneye reloaded

you know people complain about how wii online was garbage well , this game is even worst on xbox live , so there ya have it, it takes me 20 trys plus to connect to a game , most of the time it says ---network error check to see if your online-which i am , and then 2 other pop ups follow it -server is full , and a wierd one , forgot what it says , somthing about the server ,

then theres only like 9 mi6 op missions -meh , thought it would be more ,but theres only 9 so much for extra content , that was boring , i cant even get past the 2nd one,

the missions are some what screwed up , - some of them arent even the same , same levels but heres a few examples,

train in ge wii you prss b , ge reloaded its automatic -all you gotta do is shoot the 3 guys not ouromuv right off the bat i knew it was not gonna follow ge at all this is even more off then the wii version ,

and the multiplayer split screen maps are still smaller then online mode and - they didnt even add any new maps from what i can tell , even though on the product discription page it reads- 4 new multiplayer maps. . wait what wheres the 4 new maps i only see the same 10 i saw on the wii goldeneye ,

also --- the surface level is also more easier , then the wii one , while the last level is more harder then the wii one , --the bad guy dont have a health bar like so in wii , really ticks me off and took me like 6 times to finally kill him even on easy difficulty ,

and the part where you press the triggers repeatidly is harder then heck since their triggers not buttons like on cc pro ,

the online as i said is flawed , have fun trying to connect , as i cant always connect, i have to host my own private match even then no one plays so its boring as heck , no bots in multiplayer and theres achievments for being oddjob in public matches ---- problem is you dont select any character you still use your generic quantum of solace models , , ,

also unlike wii where you can use any name in multi you use your xbl name only, another draw back for this ,

even gamespot agreed that the wii version is better, - 8.5 vs 8.0 ,,

and i looked at the maps , theres hardly a graphic difference,

its like they just rushed it over,

--- you can tell how much better ge wii is vs quantum of solace wii ,

but you cant with quantum bloodstone and goldeneye reloaded they all actually look just .5 better then the wii version of goldeneye,

for instance the only difference is the crevises in concrete and crack in the road water puddles besides those little differences

the overall gameplay is the same with major changes to some of the mission structure -such as like descirbed earlier the last mission is harder , and outpost is easier , also im actually suprised at the train being easier to , i remember having to press button at the right time but this time its a cut scene followed by you killing 3 guys ,

if you ask me id say this game has many flaws in the multiplayer department , the facility still sucks, the split screen maps still cut in half ,

and online just cant be any better on xboxlive /psn vs wii because with wii at least i can connect with ease,

this game how ever , error after error , mostly when im trying to connect to conflict, i was able to easily connect to team but thats about it , goldengun etc did not work ,


goldeneye reloaded? ya bullshit

its the same darn game , i bought last year , and they want to charge an extra ten for just 1 new mode and graphic update, actually since ge is now 999/1999 , they charging 30-40 bucks more just to have a 360 ps 3 version of a game already out along time ago , ,

i say fail activision , either you make a new darn bond game or dont make one at all because what your saying to us us you might as well play tomorow never dies the world is not enough agent under fire night fire etc all over again until we get a new one which would probably be lame -looks at bloodstone ,

i am starting to lose my patience with activision , wii gets no bond game this year , wheres our bloodstone even though i hated that game since their getting goldeneye were the heck is our bloodstone, ya activision you fail , i wont be getting mw 3 or ge reloaded , sell the 007 license for the love of god , cause you sure cant handle it right, since 2008 we have seen nothing but remakes,

rushed projects and broken promises, ge wii fine , but re doing it again because you feel the need to milk the name ,, -- that is complete uber garbage you should have made ge multiplatform in the beginning instead of lamestone, but no you gotta go and re remake it even have the balls to rename it to make people think its an entirely new goldeneye their getting (shades of ea- remember goldeneye rogue agent ported over to nintendo ds) i could never forgive ea and now ill never forgive you for doing the same exact joke,


those who thought vita would need a memory card only for download

are in for a pretty suprise turns out games actually need this thing to save

where is sony stuck in 1996 i used to remember when i powered a n64 game it would say memory card not inserted --- and im thinking what the heck couldnt they have used internal batterys like the rest of them no they gotta use a extra piece of plastic well the same thing goes here except the price of their memory cards is out ragious

and since its already $ 250 we should at least get 2 gig included , - even the nintendo 3ds did and that dont need one except for downloading lol

so how come the vita cant be more reasonable - no wonder why people aint buying games for it , in japan , its going to be one of those things again , wherei ts bought for some fancy feature,

not for its games - and i see why , i am even more off the fence now, after hearing i have to buy a 30-50 dollar memory card for uncharted a game i wanted ,

now im not getting because this is out ragious, -seeing vita using gamecards there should be space on that card spacifically for game saves , other stuff sure , make that be for a memory card but to enjoy the game , also why did they have to use their propriorty format even nintendo uses the basic sd card ,


this is disappointing to say the least , count me out i knew there was a catch about this thing more then just its low battery life ,


edge -gamespot affiliate gives legend of zelda skywardsward a ,,,

10 out of 10 thats right if gamespot does the same this would be the first gen where nintendo has scored 2 perfect games in a gen , also this would be 2nd zelda game to get a 10 ,

wonder how can wii be silent but deadly , when it comes to aaa they always pull through , which is why im looking even more forward to getting the wiiu i dont care what any one says nintendo does the best at delivering on the goods ,

just in another game gets a ten on wii this time its kirby return to dreamland


got my self a used xbox 360 slim 250 gig 265 $

saved me nearly 50 bucks or more counting tax -- but so far its running quiet i dont even here the disc spin dont even hear anything with my fat which is like 10 feet from the foot of my bed on a cabinet i used to hear it , even from that far this one is so sweet , , the only thing i gotta re download the 3 games i had installed in to my harddrive which kinda sucks , cause one is on its last legs its got them cracks down the center im afraid itll crack any time which is why i installed it in the first place , hopfully it will go its at 63 percent so far no error ill update this when its complete it is 20 bucks to buy a new copy of gta iv any how so if that dont complete ill just buy a new copy , not the first time its happened ive already replaced this disc 6 times prior every time for the same problem - do you think the newer copys are still prone to crack down the center just from being inside the xbox360/

cause i know all the older copies did, i hope that this new slim box does not have this same issue , so far its good , quiet so i doubt ill have the problems of the system melting away the middle part , not as hot as the other xbox360s i have, also my hard drive isnt running slow any more and now im able to update to 320 gigs , woo hoo more music for me or rugrats episodes and well looks like i dont need a new copy it went fine


online gaming should be shut off details inside

back before xbox360 ps3 xbox psp wii ds 3ds , we could play our games without the fear of having our accounts or gamesaves hacked,

sony got hacked earlier this year - everyone and their mother pointed fingers saying --- xbl has never had this problem because it was a paid service well well look what shows up on the front news page on giant bomb -and in the forums

people getting fradulant charges - fifa 12 related apearently some fools are running around -- buying 300 dollars worth of fake ,, cards for fifa 12 , ,

in the process now i cant even accesss zune , - - - - its all blank i bought several episodes of disorderly conduct rugrats rocos modern life ren and stimpy 2 episodes of wwe raw 1 episode of hey arnold 3 episodes of doug and half the time i cant even watch my videos or go into the market to view more ,

this has been going on since yesterday ,

microsoft wont do anything about it because " they dont own the shows " but you know what, they own xbox live , they the ones made that garbage we pay 60 a year i paid 90 a yr because i use the 3 month cards, -for convinence in the short run ,

- but any way , we pay all this money , and we still get hacked? or the services get hacked and they are hindered useless and i bet all microsoft will do is offer a free game like undertow that shit was lame in 07 ,

i think this is gotten out of hand, if this keeps up im not buying a ps4 720


ten reasons why the vita will fail

1-the most obvious reason -short battery life-1-3 hours on max settings,

2 price -- another good reason no one pays 250 for a handheld let alone 300 for 3g , unless they are die hard fan of sony and considering the psp userbase- not looking to good , so with that said thats the reason this is number 2

3 lack of interisting titles -- - uncharted asphalt and ridge racer seam to be all vita offering , and seeing as the 2 are on 3ds already , that leaves uncharted not counting countless ports of ps3 titles and i dont buy ports sorry , so that kinda debunks those

4- timing, they choose to hold their next handheld so far behind , they had an opertunity to announce it at e3 , and they did not they choose to wait more , and when they did they didnt even announce the spacifics for the us and still have not , , the only country that has confirmation is japan , , we always get the dead end of it , and its going to be so far behind by the time it comes 3ds will have alot of good games while it only has 3 mentioned above

5- price of games ---- -$59.99 for a handheld thats pretty bad, considering its not even nearly as powerful as sony promised to begin with ,

6 lies- -- - sony lied when they showed the product , the product they shown is actually more powerful then the one we are recieving , ----they did this obviously to fool those people into thinking it was gonna be on par with ps3 when in reality it is not

7 nintendo wii u is around the corner ,and may launch at a reasonable price - if that happens , this would definatelly kill any chance vita has , because why

its more powerful can do more, and unlike vita its not going to recieve countless stripped down ports of console titles instead itll have on par multiplats or exclusives that take off ,

8 --- monster hunter tri and monster hunter 4 are exclusive to the nintendo 3ds , as is mariokart 7 super mario land 3d luigis mansion paper mario kid icaris etc , -- when people look back at the 4 previous handhelds from nintendo they will know what 3ds future holds , games games games and more games i guarantee you by the end of the 3ds life span theres going to be 800 or more games available , most of which pretty decent , this was a problem for me as i am so far behind with ds i may end up behind again ,

9 backwards compatibility w psp is only possible if you rebuy your entire collection on the psn if your title is of course available , -this isnt a problem with the nintendo 3ds all ds dsi games are compatible plus now the 3ds has another thing vita dont- virtual console where you can download classic gameboy gameboy color nes soon game gear tg titles, i wouldnt be suprised if gba some how made its way - its coming for ambasadors for now but , we know nintendo theyll want more also snes titles can easily be made as well , -i would not mind that at all -zombies on the go would be awsome , 3ds has more oppertunity then vita does ,

10 the cost of development why its so low on this list cause it hardly had affected past consoles but it is worth noting it will cost more then a 3ds game to develope and for developers who cant really make big budget games vita would not be the suitable platform , until they do get on their feet , ,

that said ,

when i mean fail i mean fail to out sell 3ds not commercailly , so dont think itll fail virtualboy like or dreamcast like ,

it will be competitive enough to stay there , i dont think it will take 3ds away

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