ps vita handheld review sorta

ok this is a repost


  • dual analog
  • good graphics
  • a few good games
  • usual ps buttons
  • motion sensor
  • cameras
  • it has loud speakers good for the on board music player


  1. price
  2. memory card is needed to boot many of the available games , and if you plan on downloading your titles you better have deep pockets -32 gigs cost 100 dollars , 4 gig will only hold 1 game 8 gig will hold 2
  3. no system sellers -meaning there is nothing that can sell this thing , yes theres a few good games lined up but most of them are either ports of games already out on 3ds or ps3 360 wii ds
  4. and these developers are slow at announcing any games to offer us after this first wave of games