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My money means nothing to the NPD

Currently I'm playing The Witcher. A game that originally was published in 2007, I picked up somewhere in 2009 and am only playing now. The biggest reason for this is that I like to complete every game that I buy, and I buy lots of games and get even more as gifts. Furthermore, the majority of my game purchases are either on Steam or should I want a boxed copy, from Amazon.

Funnily enough my purchasing behaviour basically means that to the NPD, I do not exist. They have no real emphasis on the life-time sales of games and largely ignore on-line purchases. I wonder just how many other gamers fall into the exact same category.

This is of course fine for me since I still get to purchase and enjoy games, I'm just worried that the intense focus that people place on the NPD numbers completely skews the view on the gaming industry. Because of this skew certain games that I would greatly enjoy may end up not being funded and made.

I really think it is time for either the NPD to shape up or for someone else to step in and give us a view of what is truly going on in gaming across all platforms and distribution mechanisms. The current reporting focus on NPD figures and fascination with Metacritic scores (myself included) is creating an internet funnel that is partially responsible for the reduction of variety and experimentation in the gaming market.