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Should games journalism have a wider focus?

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Yes, I'm aware of all the Metacritic is bad arguments out there, but I still use it as a central access point for reviews and as a starting point to find new games worth my time. Often I'm dismayed to find review lists like the one on the left.

Alternately, when clicking on the reviews for Halo 4, you will see this:

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Do you really need 87 opinions (one for every point in the Metacritic average), to make up your mind about Halo 4?

My point is this: I know it might not be any fun for a reviewer to review all of the games on the list up there. But for the sake of informing the consumer, shouldn't a little more time be spent reviewing less advertised games so that we can at least get some idea of how good they are? I'm sure I'll find some reviews if I google those titles, but surely from the 87 outlets that covered Halo 4, 4 out of 87 could give enough attention to color that list a little; besides reading reviews of shitty games is entertaining and gives new talent something to do.