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The length to pleasure ratio.

Over the last 3 months, I've sunken 4 days that is 96 hours or so into leveling up my new Worgen Druid. I enjoyed the initial stages, but before too long I found myself on the leveling murder mill, killing ten of this or that. Unfortunately one of my personal failings is that despite my utter lack of enjoyment for the game, I know that I will stick it out with this character until I hit level 85, upon which I will feel sadly relieved and promptly quit.

Considering my compulsive tendencies and the fact that I only have about 30 hours to game each month, I'd like to put the following question to my fellow gamers: Consider this list of the games I would like to purchase or receive as gifts in the future and tell me from your play experiences which ones have the best ratio of enjoyable hours versus completion hours. Lets call it the "drag factor" and rate it from 0 (zero drag) to 4 (complete drag). I'm not asking for the whole list to be rated, but if you can point out some serious offenders (or stand-outs) from your play experiences it would be greatly appreciated.