The new Optimus Prime toy is the Rubik's Cube of the 21st century

So my birthday has once again come and went. And amongst my awesome presents this year was this, the Optimus Prime toy from the ROTF film.

- One of the first transformation attempts left Optimus looking like he just smoked some weed.

All seemed fine as my friends revealed it to me. It talks and flashes lights at the same time. Awesome sauce right? No. Because trying to actually transform the bloody thing, is insanly complicated. SERIOUSLY. Im not just lame. If you have come into contact with this toy you would know what the hell Im talking about.

That Birthday night, me and several of my late 20yr old friends sat over Optimus in a pub trying to figure how in Micheal Bay's earth are we supposed to accomplish this. For over an hour we struggled with the instructions eventually leading to us giving up so that we could ACTUALLY enjoy the night.

The next day on my actual Birthday, I decided to knuckle down with my 'awesome' toy and a few Youtube tutorial videos. Having recently used Youtube to learn piano, I thought hey, theres probably tutorial videos for everything. And I was right.

Thanks to this American kid, I finally managed to transform Optimus into a truck.

THANK YOU SlLIGHTY NERDY SOUNDING BUT VERY AWESOME AMERICAN KID! You have no idea how much stress you have helped me resolve. If I ever see you in real life I am going to hug you so hardin front of your parents they will think Im touching you inappropiately.

p.s. Im gonna do a proper birthday blog post soonish when Ive got all the photos and videos up. Including photos of my Jessica Chobot pillows. You heard me right