Early adoption and EU woes

Living in the UK (well, France for the last year, but then back to the UK in May), I'm obviously in the EU region for games. Whilst on the odd occasion we get something ahead of the US, by and large we're often subjected to (sometimes lengthy) delays when awaiting new releases. Right now I'm still waiting to play Fire Emblem on the 3DS, even though you US bombers have had it for around a month.

Anyway, not bitter (I am). On to the matter in hand:

At the moment, based on Sony's general caginess in confirming a 2013 release for the PS4 in Europe, I feel about 70% certain that I won't be getting my hands on one until next year. Out of the big two's consoles, it's the PS4 that appeals most at the moment, largely due to the various reports regarding the Xbox 720's possible eccentricities (always online connection, big focus on Kinect 2, etc.). Now, come April and Microsoft's unveiling they could well capture my interest, but after owning both consoles this generation I find myself preferring Sony's more eclectic and varied lineup of exclusives that I've enjoyed over these past few years.


Even if the 720 (or whatever it's destined to be called) remains a firm secondary preference behind the PS4, I can still see myself buying one, just to finally shrug off this overly long generation, IF, that is, Microsoft does what I expect and launch it in Europe in 2013. The lure of the 'new' will probably prove too great to resist, as the only things that I could see staving it off would be to spend more than usual on the yearly GFX card upgrade, maybe around £300, or to get a Wii U at Xmas to play the Wind Waker remake (Nintendo you devioussss basstardssss).

So, a question to round things off:

If, due to your country/continent/lack of stock/availability, you are unable to get your hands on one of the two consoles, could you envisage yourself buying the other one, just for the freshness/zeitgeist surrounding it, to experience the 'next generation' as it were?