Tomb Raider (2013) is a perfect reboot

God damn this game is devouring my time. I didn't even get what the long term aim was until just now when I reached a fireplace that was a point of no return. So, now I'm looking back at all the other camps and I get what this whole thing is about. I say this after cringing through the first half of the game because of how weirdly formulaic it was, albeit with some nice shooting mechanics.

There are times when I am playing this game, looking for random treasure when I feel the distinct nostalgia of the OG TR minus the crucial and beloved side-jump and was bewilderingly left out of this version. The fact that the entire shooting / combat layer is linked to exploration through weapon upgrades doesn't do anything new but that doesn't really matter because its addictive and I need more salvage now.

However, the original Tomb Raider for PC with the Nude patch is highly recommended as well.


Synergistic Partnerships, yall. Nike makes Crysis 2 shoe?
I'm gonna be honest. Those shoes look bad.
I can instantly think of one thing that probably should have received more focus...optimizing the console versions. Just saying.
But whatever.. SHOES!
Would anyone actually rock these things?



I'm reading a beginner's guide to C++. Maybe I'll make the best game ever.

Also I found this awesome book

Should I learn XNA after this C++ stuff? Maybe.

I own Marvel VS Capcom 3 but I never play it. I'm scared to. I know whats waiting for my online and it scares me. The combos. Too many combos.



Worms with physics.

Team 17,
Wouldn't it be awesome if you designed a 2D Worms title that had real-time physics? As the level terrain receives damage, pieces of it will break off and plunge in to the water. Not only that, but tunnels built by blowtorch wielding worms can suddenly collapse. When grenades go off, the pieces of debris sent whizzing around the level would cause all sorts of untold havoc.
Also the ninja rope is too hard to use. change that too.



Neat traversal mechanic but what's with the combat? Uninspired shooter trappings might drag this one down.


What do we call Mortal Kombat?

MK 2011? MK 9? This is crazy.
The MK (2011...ugh) demo is jaw dropping. Now finally available to us peasant non Playstation Plus members, the demo shows off a pretty satisfying fighting engine. I've only had a few minutes to tinker with it but I can string together some pretty fluid combos already.
This new MK (holy shit new MK), plays something like a mix between MK 3 and MK Armageddon. I wouldn't quite call it dial-a-combo but you're forgiven with the input timing which is a welcome relief from Street Fighter 4's punishing precision.
Technical aspects aside, I totally froze Johnny Cage from the waist down and then ripped off his upper torso.