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Despite being over a decade old, the FFX series still provides a fun and immersive JRPG experience. 0

Final Fantasy X is a game that brings back a lot of fond memories. It was by far my favorite game on the PS2, and I remember spending several hundred hours playing and replaying it. Everything from the story to the gameplay simply fascinated me back then, and seeing the difference between IX and X amazed me. Then we have X-2, a game which some think was completely unnecessary. While it indeed wasn't as serious as X, I still remember having a lot of fun with it, and found its easy going nature qu...

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Dark Souls is with out a doubt punishing, but it's also one of the most rewarding games you'll ever play. 1

I've always found the Souls series to be interesting. That being said, I never thought I would actually have the patience to play through an entire game. Dark Souls is undoubtedly worth experiencing, and those who persevere are in for one of the most rewarding journeys that the PS3 has to offer.Dark Souls takes place in a land called Lordan. The game is incredibly rich as far as it's story goes, but it is not presented in a typical manner. Rather than being filled with cutscenes, Dark Souls deli...

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Final Fantasy X is one of the greatest PS2 RPGs of all time. 0

NOTE: This crappy old review was written back in January 2007. In my opinion, Final Fantasy X is one of the best games the PS2 has had. Not only does this game have a lengthy story, it also has great graphics and voice acting plus a really good soundtrack. The story is quite interesting and it will take you about 50 to 70 hours to finish it depending on how much time you spend doing side missions and levelling up. The game features Conditional Turn-Based Battle witch is different from what we're...

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Naughty Dog manages to deliver a breathtaking and insanely fun experience that you won't forget anytime soon. 0

To be honest, I wasn't even going to buy The Last of Us. I wasn't as hyped as most people were and decided to just borrow it from a friend at some stage. Today, I'm glad I didn't stick to that plan. From story to gameplay to immersion, The Last of Us is a truly amazing game that should be played by everyone who owns a PS3. The Last of Us is set several years after the outbreak of a fungal infection that drives the host mad. Basically, it's an interesting twist on the usual zombie apocalypse scen...

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A trilogy consisting of an interesting story, memorable characters and infuriating game mechanics. 0

The Jak & Daxter trilogy could easily be considered some of the greatest games to come out on the PlayStation 2. I myself played all three games in their original form back when they came out and remember enjoying them a lot. 11 years after the release of the first game of the series, a PS3 HD collection was released. Hoping to relive the same epic moments from back then, I set out to replay the trilogy in HD, but was left manly frustrated and disappointed. To start off I'll talk about the g...

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