Played 2018

Just a list of the games I have played in 2018.

The order is somewhat chronological, though not an absolute indication on when I finished the games.

List items

  • Neat RogueWhatever. I have found that I come back to it from time to time, for a run or ten. The mechanics feel good, though the double jump can be annoying.

  • A nice little puzzle game with trains.

  • I really enjoyed this. Unlike Watch Dogs 1 the main character is likeable, and the crew is a nice Hackers like ensemble. Goofy with an ok main story, though the game shines with its side missions. Went "non lethal" (not counting driving and a couple of explosions. The stun gun was a nice touch, and unlike in GTA I felt the rag tag of hackers would not go around on a murdering spree.

  • Finally got around to giving this a go. It seems neat, and the story so far is a bit interesting. But man, I am not actually sure I ever will get around to finish it.

  • Cute little action platformer. The controls were a bit finicky, and I definitely jumped off edges unintentionally way to many times.

  • Went back to the well. It is a neat time sink of mindless non complicated loot gathering.

  • A nice little space shooter, with naval combat (2d ish). What stands out the most is really the soundtrack, it is awesome!

    The story is a bit thin, and kind of reminded me of Dark Star One (due to the unique upgrades).

  • Yikes. Finally gave this a shot, and boy I do not like it at all. I did play Devil May Cry back in the day, which had a certain appeal, but this game just seems bad. From the "over the top" anime fan service, to extremely lame characters. Mind you I only played it as far as the first fight on the highway (aka finished half of the tutorial).

  • A very neat JRPG with an above average story. The characters are a bit goofy, or a bit too stuck in their respective stereotypes, though not too bad. The first two chapters are strong, and interesting, which makes it hard for the next chapters main quests to feel as big and important. The story wraps up with a good final act, and sets the scene for the next game in the trilogy. Guess I will start on that soon.

    The music is nice, though ended up downloading the Evolution version of the tracks, which is a little less psp.

    Would really have liked to play the Evolution edition, but it has not been release yet.

    I really liked it.

  • Very bioshockish/systemshock/dead space... Which is probably why I don't really like it. I don't really care for horrorish games, where they just make a lot of the game dark, add jump scares. I really dislike the Nightmare that is after you.

    That being said I like the upgrades you can get throughout the game, and the story is a bit interesting. Though my guess is it is all just a simulation or perhaps rather you the player is a Typhon experiment to figure out how a Typhon reacts in a human form/when given "feelings".

    I probably won't finish this, currently at the arboretum.

  • What an amazing gem this game is. I really like the humour and the platforming, and everything is so charming. The the controls feels good, thought he camera can be a bit off, when it forces you to run up some overlapping stairs in 3 while showing you a side view.

    I am a bit confused by the structure where you can do chapters in arbitrary order, when they have been unlocked, and that chapter 1 is not the chapter you finish first (got to get a special hat for act 5, though you get to access act 6-7 without it).

    I really like the different settings, and damn I loved Murder on the Owl express! Only real downside is that the boss fights are kind of the same.

    PS. it is so fun to reach places that you clearly should not be able to :)

  • Man, this game. I don't get why people were so hype for it, but I get why a lot of people felt let down.

    It is pretty, the soundtrack is quite awesome, but man the gameplay is boring.

    It also didn't help me much that by the time I bought it they released the first "expansion" pack, which then locked me out of the endgame missions since I could not become max level.

    I don't really think the story is interesting, and as with all multiplayer games it is really hard to create a story that feels like it matters.

    I will probably not get back to this, and unless heavily discounted I will not be buying any expansions.

  • So I bought this game during the Steam summer sales, since it was cheap, and we needed some multiplayer game.

    It might have had a rough start when it came out, with a lot of hacking and other exploits. But so far we are having fun with it, which is nice on top of the Destiny 2 experience.

    I like the cover and tactical part of the game, where flanking enemies actually makes a difference.

    Let us see how this pans out when we have played it a bit more.

  • Cute short little adventure game. Had some interesting mechanics with clue combinations.

    I hope they make more entries in the series.

  • After around 80 hours I finally finished the second chapter of Trails in the Sky.

    Nice with some new characters, and a bit of character growth. The story is still not A grade, but still quite enjoyable. There is a lot of asset reuse, and the last set of boss fights are everything I hate with JRPGs, luckily I was quite levelled but 4-5 boss fights with no save point in between sucks, I wanted to take a break and make some dinner but, being two bosses in I was forced to utilise

    That being said, the start was challenging and they threw in a somewhat good excuse to why you needed to start over from zero, though no explanation of why you lost all your accessories.

    No doubt I will play through the 3rd chapter, but it might be a bit of time until I start on it. (Que me starting next week probably.)

    Finished on ~ 2018-08-18.

  • After the NEXT update and some chatter from the Bombcast I decided to give it a go, along with some friends.

    Started by dying 3 times in a row, due to me not understanding what the game tried to tell me. Then dying a couple of more times trying to get the hermetic seal, and finally getting lost from my ship after that. The tutorial does everything wrong if you ask me.

    Even with that rough start it was somewhat enjoyable, and getting to the next planets and systems was neat, and after some time getting to the freighter was cool.

    But this game is just a grind, even gated with timers. So when I finally after having build a base with a science station, and a weapons station, i was still missing e.g. a teleport and a launchpad. Since that apparently is part of a separate base computer quest line, that is super bugged. Finally figured out moving my freighter and creating a new base in the indicated system, saving and reloading, allowed me to progress, only to now have to wait 1.5 hrs between each step.

    Though I started out with wanting to play with some friends, the multiplayer is really not compelling. It is still very much a single player game.

  • Oh boy, a new game from Zachtronics where I get to hack my own body.

    I really love this game, threw 35 hours in it in the first 2,5 days, before taking a break since it started to feel too much as work during my vacation.

    I will go back and finish it, stopped at synchronised sending out pager messages, though it is mostly done. I just needed a break.

  • Bought it on sale since people talk about it as a hidden gem. Not really sure about that, it is somewhat enjoyable, but reminds me a bit too much of dark souls.

    Though the combat feels ok, I am not sure I will get around to finish this, there are too many small annoyances.

  • Meh, would not call it much of a game.

  • Damn, I love this game. At first it was really stressing that you are on a daily schedule, but it really helps with steering the game.

    The story is phenomenal, and the characters are mostly fun, the palaces are varied though some of the puzzles were a bit of a trite. I love that you are not forced to wait a day to recover stamina, and a lot of the confidant perks are awesome, looking at you Death, Temperance, and Star.

    The best part of the game might have been the midway point when you catch up to the opening scene.

    I ended up spending around 108 hours on my playthrough, though I kind of hid a rough patch with the last two palaces, so I guess I was kind of full around the 85hrs mark. That said I enjoyed it when I played, and I want to do a NewGame+ at some point.

    It also got me spurred on to wanting to play 4, 3 and 2. Hope Atlus ports those to PC/PS4/Switch at some point, cause getting a vita for p4g might be a bit much.. even if I already bought the game. Guess I will dust off the old PSP.. Or perhaps just fire up ppsspp.

    Finally Makoto is best girl, though Futaba's arch is awesome, oh and I totally get the Takemi buzz.

  • So... Persona 5 got me to buy a ps tv + persona 4 golden... And damn am I glad I did, even if I don't get to play anything else on it.

    The story is neat, with a good amount of twists and turns, though some of them were kind of obvious. The characters are awesome and well fleshed out. After around 78 hours I am not even tired of the game. Even if the dungeons and the enemies were very alike, the every day slice of life part of the game is fantastic.

    I was also pleasantly surprised that you only forfeit the evenings when you go into the dungeon world, though it would be nice with the same ability as you get in Persona 5 from temperance. That leads me to perhaps one of the only slight disappointments i have with Persona 4, the social links of non-main characters did not add any kind of abilities. Still they add so much to the world in terms of glimpses of the characters :)

    It was interesting to see that even in 2018 the network functionality of the game is still working, and people are still playing it so you can use the SOS functionality, though the abilities of the Lovers arcana will make that irrelevant.

    The added character of the Aeon arcana is neat, and I like how well weaved into the story it actually is. The bonus dungeon was interesting as well.

    I will probably start on Persona 3 on my psp (or see if i can find it on the ps tv). But before that Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably going to take up my time.

    Finally, ended up choosing Chie, not sure who I would choose in a new game+, Naoto.. or perhaps Yukiko. Not that it has a lot of influence on the play-trough :)

    Finished on 2018-11-08.

  • Before getting Persona 4 I took a quick dive back into GTA IV, just to have some dumb fun.

    The controls for PC are still quite bad, I really hate the camera, and not being able to strafe + keep the camera angled.

    I will probably not finish this play-through this year, since too many other games are knocking on my door.

  • This was a blast to play, though some of the puzzle mechanics can get a bit involved.

    I think the story is interesting, and the idea reminds me of .hack//SIGN and Otherland.

    My early game play was unfortunately marred a bit by 1.0 launch bugs, such as not earning any money at all. But it seems to have stabilised now.

    It is also very interesting that it is in fact a game done in HTML 5 + js.

  • I guess this was my first visual novel. Bought the game on my phone a couple of years ago, due to Vinny's recommendation on a Beastcast. But never got around to play it for real. Bought it again for the PC on a sale together with the second game in the series.

    The story structure and the ability to jump between branches is very awesome, since it does a lot to cure my analysis paralysis. I know it is really just a choose your own adventure, but I like the way it ties things together. I also really like the way the game seems to goat you into taking certain story arcs in specific orders oh submarine.

    I am looking forward to some of the other visual novels I have in my collection (Steins;Gate, Danganronpa, when they cry) as well as the rest of the Nonary series (still need to pick up the 3rd title).

  • Ahh back in the saddle, but not for too long at a time.

    It is really good, beautiful and with some interesting characters and a lot to do. But man, I cannot play it for too long at a time (says I who have gotten the legendary pouch by the last part of chapter 3).

    I really enjoy it for a couple of hours at a time, and then put it down to do something else. Not sure if I am that hooked on the story or even the characters, except for Sadie she is a bad ass.

    The bad part of this game is its infuriating controls, your buttons do way to many things, and it is way to easy to e.g. grab a person rather than jump onto your horse. Some of that seems intentional, e.g. like how out of place and infuriating it feels to ride around in Saint Denise, but man I would have liked if a lot of the controls were simpler.

    I also don't really like the core + meters, and feel like aiming in dead eye is just plain bad (I should probably have checked the dead zone settings like some people suggest).

    I still like the game, though the Guarma section feels way too forced. I am not done with the epilogue yet, lets see if I get through it before the year is done.

  • Ok platforming/scale the environment game with some neat mechanics. The least enjoyable part is probably the enemy fighting, since it is not fun at all.

    It reminds me a bit of Mirrors edge with regards to movement, but evokes more Unreal 4 generic game. I has a lot of fun mechanics such as jump spheres, grapple "hook", wall run and teleport.

  • Needed a palate cleanser in the last part of Red Dead Redemption 2, and remember Jeff being very keen on Titanfall 2 last year, and when Mr O'Dwyer mentioned it in his Half-Life doc I got curious. Picked it up on sale on Origin, and I don't regret that at all.

    It is fun, the shooting is good, the wall running is fantastic, and when you get to the facility it introduces a very very cool mechanic. Man that was fun, even though it is a one off mechanic. And so is the kill everything gun towards the end, could have used that while doing the training course in the start.

    I'm not too good at the Titan battles, and had a lot of trouble with Ash, which got fixed by not using the latest shiny weapon and instead switching to the fire starter. Getting the Aon/Ion? with the Q lazer helped a lot.

    I think it is a bit too eager in giving you new weapons for your titan (or rather the pacing between it seems too fast).

    All around thumbs up! I wish the story was longer, but the teasing in the end leaves me wanting more, when is Titanfall 3 due?