Played 2019

Somewhat chronological list of games I have played in 2019.

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  • Went to see Into the Spiderverse and got the urge to play this, since it got a lot of positive reactions. I can understand why, and I quite like it.

    The swinging is mostly good, though I wish they had not made the distinction between Swing (R2) and Zip to (L2+R2), most of the time I just want to keep swinging. Then there is the unprecise movement or rather when you need to get near a backpack, or when you get "trapped" under a ledge, there the movement gets down right bad.

    I really enjoyed the main story and like all the nods it has to characters in the universe (though I am not a Spider-Man expert).

    It was good enough for me to buy the first set of DLC, which almost never happens.

  • This is a nice gem of a game, glad it is possible to turn off the worst survival parts of the game (ugh hunger and thirst).

    It allowed me to actually enjoy the hunting for materials, and blueprints.

    The game is very very open, and not too good at telling you what to do next. I would love a real log book that actually told me: Hey this is the next thing to work towards.

    It is one of those games that are better with a wiki, so you can figure stuff out, and get hints on what you need to collect to make certain materials.

    The story is ok I guess, it was enough to keep me wanting to complete the game, though the last build was a bit annoying.

  • After more or less not getting into Origins, the cold opening really killed my interest, I decided to give Odyssey a go.

    It seems ok, lighthearted, and not to serious. The new "don't shower your UI in icons" seems ok (though the compass still has most things, which kind of is the same).

    Not sure what I think of the poking fun at the player for not knowing this weird island layout. I think a better way would have been the PC saying "ah down at the harbour on the east side of town" or something.

    Hair still looks awful in this engine, and they don't seem to skimp on beards. Same goes for teeth. In general the characters are not very impressive close up.

    So far I have put in about 55 hours and I am only level 36.

    I think the game suffers from too much to do TM.

    Furthermore, almost all the choices in the game feels like non choices, it doesn't matter what you say to people, how you act.

    At first I kind of liked that, but to be honest it gets boring really fast.

    Oh and go away Sokrates, the philosophy is both not deep, and you dont get meaningful choices for most situations.

    Ok ~60 hours in, I think I am done, the game is seriously starting to annoy me, enough to the point of me not finishing it.

  • A 7 year old cover shooter with voice commands, what could possibly go wrong? Well a lot.

    Playing the PC port, and damn, not being able to rebind any thing is frustrating. That and the aiming is clearly funky.

    Then there is the hilariously bad voice recognition, combined with no push to talk, the amount of times the AI responds to background noise is crazy, and if you raise the mic cutoff you will be a raving lunatic screaming in you man cave.

    The story is quite over the top / quite stupid, and I already have way to many ideas for plot twists, that may or may not happen... Which I guess can be fun.